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Exhibitions 2021

The journey of an IB student in PYP or MYP culminates in an exhibition that showcases their mettle as an ambassador of what the International Baccalaureate exemplifies – student agency. This year, our students took their virtual PYPX and MYPX to new levels.

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Science & Design Week 2021

This year’s theme for Science Week in the Early Childhood Department was, “Experimenting in EC.” Each class conducted a different science experiment each day, which filled the week with wonder and awe! In the Primary Department, students explored different concepts ranging from the Water Cycle to Volcanic Eruptions to States of Matter. In the Secondary Department, this was Design Week. Please watch their wonderful work in the videos below.

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Alive and Kicking

For their current Unit of Inquiry, “Alive and Kicking,” our Year 4 students learned about the six major systems found in the human body: the skeletal, respiratory, digestive, nervous, circulatory, and muscular systems. One of our Year 4 students provides a brief explanation of each of these 6 systems. Take a look!

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Global Village

Global Village is an event, which the AIS community looks forward to every year, an event that inquires into the world's cultures, languages, diversity, and even issues. This year our students in the Early Childhood Department focused on learning about 'Celebrations from Around the World,' while our Primary students inquired into various 'Global Health Issues' affecting people worldwide. While airing the Global Village event this morning, students celebrated by watching in their own homes! They were very excited to see their own presentations while learning about topics from other classes! Missed the Virtual AIS Global [...]

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