• Is designed by teachers to incorporate a variety of methods and to be relevant and motivating to students.

• Is geared toward appraisal of a broad range of concepts, attitudes, knowledge and skills appropriate to an international and increasingly complex world.

• is criterion-referenced using the guidelines set down by the IBO and is made clear to students by teachers before coursework begins.

Why do we assess?

AIS assess its students in order to:

• build up a clear picture of the student and his or her interests

• assess the effectiveness of the environment on the student's learning

• extend the student's learning

• monitor the progress of individual student learning and achievement

• determine the effectiveness of teaching

• inform curriculum review

• help evaluate suitability of courses

• inform others as appropriate, including students, teachers, parents, receiving schools, future employers

How do we assess?

We assess by gathering evidence & information from the following sources:

• ongoing formative teacher assessment

• summative assessment tasks

• previous summative records

• parents' consultations

• conversations with other adults who have knowledge

• the student as a learner

• by analysing the above using professional knowledge and expertise

• Internal SAT style examinations

• External SAT examinations for Grade Six students


Students not writing in their first language

For assessments in many subjects, it is important to remember that some students will not be using their first language. Teachers are not marking for grammatical accuracy; what is important is that students present their thinking as clearly as possible.


Student Portfolio

An individual portfolio will be developed in all our classes to reflect a child's developing conceptual understandings, knowledge, skills, achievements, interests and creativity. Input from families and children's own evaluation of their work are also important aspects of our assessment procedures for children at AIS.


Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher interviews provide a valuable in-depth exchange of information about a child, as well as help parents understand the programme's goals and objectives. Interviews will be conducted twice during the school year. Parents or teachers may also request an additional interview with the throughout the year. Informal communication will occur on a daily basis as required by parents and teachers.