December 2023


In the Early Years (EY) section of AIS, play-based learning methods are implemented to introduce children to the magic of learning. Through play, children discover the world around them, fostering problem-solving, creativity, social skills, and more. Learning through play sparks curiosity and invites children to engage with the world around them. We use sensory experiences and playful activities to develop the fine motor skills needed for writing and the concentration skills required for reading, allowing children to practically engage with foundational mathematical concepts that will set them up for a lifetime of understanding. For a better understanding of our teaching and learning in EYP, keep an eye out for the next Coffee with the Curriculum Coordinator (CCC) toward the end of January.


Thank you for staying connected to your child’s learning journey through the toddle platform throughout Term 1. Your enthusiasm and engagement help make their early years experience a success, and your supports means the world to us! Don’t forget to check out Toddle for your child’s progress report and portfolio of learning to celebrate their growth, achievements, and memorable moments from throughout Term 1.


EYP learners captivated audiences in their recent class assemblies, showcasing unique talents and cultural explorations. 

EYP3 took us on a global journey with charming dances and greetings, coupled with a delightful rendition of ‘Are You My Mother?’ The assembly was enriched with impressive songs, dances, and stellar acting. 

Meanwhile, EYP2 displayed their dynamic spirit with an action-packed assembly featuring dances and fashions from diverse cultures, delivering an exciting performance to a large audience. 

The term concluded on an adorable note, as Crèche and EYP1 classes melted hearts by illustrating their learning journey, from exploring cultures to mastering daily self-care practices.

Anticipation builds for their upcoming participation in the EYP school play next term!


Book Week, held from November 6 to 10, unfolded with a burst of literary activities aimed at nurturing students’ passion for reading and writing. Each department tailored its celebration uniquely.

The air buzzed with excitement as our youngest learners immersed themselves in cherished tales during EYP’s vibrant Book Week. From sharing beloved stories to discovering peers’ favourites, students engaged in lively activities throughout the week. Families joined the fun, reading aloud to classes, and PYP & DP buddy readers created heartwarming moments in shared reading sessions.

Enthusiastic presentations on themed stories by our little ones highlighted our internal assembly, merging role-play, stories, and joy in a colourful showcase of literary fun. 


We are thrilled to announce the successful culmination of our Sports Week, marked by spirited Sports Day events for our Early Years, Primary, and Secondary departments on December 12, 13, and 14, respectively.

EYP Sports Day showcased fantastic teamwork, culminating in Team Air’s triumphant first-place finish with 330 points, Team Water and Fire finishing second place with 320 points, Team Earth in fourth place with 310 points, and Team Light and Metal in fifth place with 200  points.


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3-way conferences at Acorns International School involve students, parents, and teachers coming together to discuss a student’s progress, achievements, and areas for improvement. This collaborative approach fosters a supportive learning environment, enhancing communication and understanding between all stakeholders. 

Students actively engage in reflecting on their work, setting goals, and taking ownership of their learning journey. Parents gain valuable insights into their child’s academic and social development, while teachers provide personalized feedback and guidance. These conferences strengthen the partnership between home and school, promoting a holistic approach to education that goes beyond grades, emphasising the importance of collaboration in nurturing each student’s potential.

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