Supporting Nabugabo Community Learning Centre

Acorns International School takes pride in sponsoring 10 students at Nabugabo Community Learning Centre (NCLC). This community-based Primary School has enrolment of 125 children. All staff are focussed and dedicated to the community and the project, which is very rewarding.

Directorate of Education and Social Services (DESS)

The Directorate of Education and Social Services (DESS) is mandated to provide quality education services in the city. A survey was conducted by DESS, using Acorns International School (AIS) as a case study. This was partly because AIS is widely known to offer quality education services worth benchmarking. The team comprised 13 school inspectors and other KCCA officials. The areas of interests inthe survey were notably classroom environment management, general administrative structures, sanitation, and administration of learners and staff records, ICT teaching and learning processes, library services, co-curricular activities, interaction activities and management of internal capacity development of staff. After the tour, one of the officials was so impressed and requested admission for her child, a clear indication that AIS aced the survey

Partnering with Nyaaka Foundation

An IB education is committed to nurturing learners who take responsible action. At AIS, we spearhead this by partnering with communities that provide avenues for our students to be impactful members of society. One such organization is the Nyaka Foundation. Committed to overall community development in a remote part of Eastern Uganda, Nyaka provides a host of services from education, health and economic empowerment to the disenfranchised communities of Kanungo district.
Our students at AIS have spent time learning about the organization and developing ways in which to support its noble efforts. Students have led recurring funds and donation drives. Our exhibition classes have sold some of the products made by the community members, from high-quality coffee to amazing crafts, spending all their break times to man stalls and sell to our school community.
The founder and CEO of Nyaka Jackson Kaguri also a recipient of CNN person of the year, has visited the school and attended the Y6 mock exhibition in recognition of the school’s growing partnership with the organization. This is just the start of a growing relationship in service of our host communities.



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