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Lower Secondary Department

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In our Secondary Department, from ages 11-16, Middle Years Programme (MYP) offers learners the opportunity to explore eight different subject groupings, from a holistic perspective. By holistic, we mean character-driven, skill-based, interdisciplinary, conceptual, and contextual. We prioritize rich teacher learner relationships, small class sizes, and meaningful, critical and creative engagement in all of our classes. Students in MYP1 – 3 study the following subjects:

• English Language and Literature
• Individuals and Societies
• Math
• Design and Technology
• Visual Arts
• Musical Band
• Food Tech
• Interdisciplinary Sciences
• Physical Education and Swimming
• French and Kiswahili
• Dance & Drama

Subject Selection Guidelines

  • MYP4 and 5 students have more flexibility in their subject choices. Some of these choices include specialising in a particular science or sciences, such as Biology, Physics or Chemistry, dropping either French or Kiswahili, or adding a particular social studies course, such as Geography or History.
  • Every science unit has a practical lab element.
  • All students are expected to spend at least three years learning an instrument of their choosing.
  • Design and Technology involves the use of ICT skills, in addition to a wide range of technologies such as 3D Printers and Raspberry Pi.


The more students can view one subject from the various lenses of another, the more fruitful their connections can be. The interdisciplinary nature of the MYP1 – 3 Science class and the Individuals and Societies class are instrumental in this pursuit. We also conduct an MYP department-wide Africana Unit and exhibition where each student is assigned an African country and must use pieces from their various disciplines to best advertise their respective countries. Aside from this, every year each student undergoes at least one additional interdisciplinary unit.

MYP Projects

The MYP5 Personal Projects revolve around the sustained development of a project of the student’s own choosing. MYP5 students utilize the interdisciplinary learning skills, contexts and concepts that they have acquired over their years in the MYP. These projects allow for creative and critical engagement with the student’s own interests, thus serving as a bridge between the student’s own competencies and interests, and the subject material from the curriculum.


Service Learning

Service Learning is a particular expression of service and involves academic connections and collaborations. Service Learning is an integrated part of the MYP unit-planning process in most of the subject areas at AIS. Teachers plan specific engagements that meet the subject specific curriculum objectives through principled action through service with others. These planned engagements provide students with ideas and opportunities through which they might choose to take or organize action themselves through service with others. Typically, the MYP global contexts are used as the springboard into this endeavor, inviting students to initiate their own inquiry into local manifestations of global challenges.


Experiential learning is a fundamental practice in our MYP Programme, and internships are meaningful expressions of this. As our students explore options for future vocations and university programme, internships foster a curiosity and openness to the often complex and complicated world of professionalism. While offering windows into the adult world in a meaningful, constructive way, student interns also develop a keen sense of self-awareness in regards to their skills and talents, as well as their interests. All of these things are expanded and challenged in fresh and constructive ways within a context that is entirely new for them as well. Instead of a long-term internship approach, we instead encourage our students to try out different options at different places for a few days, or a week at a time, to better expand their sense of options and exposure. Some of our recent internships involved students in projects such as a feasibility study for opening up new offices in other countries’ capitals, programming and data mining, and shadowing a Parliamentarian.

WWW (Week Without Walls)

The MYP ‘Week without Walls’ sees each yearband capping off the end of the first term with projects relating to the MYP Curriculum more generally than typical units of work usually allow for. Classes are not conducted as usual, and each group works on their projects outside the walls of the classroom, as they bridge their academics with the world around them.

The week provides meaningful engagements for students to further develop themselves as learners and as people. This past WWW, one of the projects involved MYP2 and 3 students designing their own games to compete using MYP Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills.

Lower Secondary Yearband Guidelines

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