Acorns International School (AIS) is a school that believes in the education of all young people. This is not limited to high achievers with good assessment scores. AIS accepts students with varied needs and levels of education. Learner Support Services (LSS) is a team of teachers and professionals dedicated to working with parents and teachers to enable all students to reach their greatest potential.
As a team, the LSS Department:
• Provides Language Support Classes for students performing low in the English Language.
• Creates plans and supports students with Special Needs.
• Implements and monitors behaviour plans school-wide and for individual students.
• Provides counseling to students and families.
Confidentiality will be maintained for all students and parents that seek out the counsellor, unless there are concerns about the safety of the student. The counsellor reports to the Head of Learner Support Services; typically just to report a general and simple update of who is seen and why, without personal information. If the counsellor feels there is cause for concern about the child’s safety, she can report more detail to the LSS HOD to create a plan forward.
Parents will be notified for consent if their child is seeing the counsellor regularly. However, if the reason for the child seeing the counsellor has to do with neglect or abuse at home, the LSS HOD will be notified, and the child’s family may not be made aware until there is an understanding of the situation. For more details about LSS programme at AIS, you can visit Policies page



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