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Board of Governors

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Adnan Jasani
Adnan JasaniManaging Director/Board Member

Adnan Jasani, a distinguished figure in Uganda’s professional arena, boasts an illustrious two-decade career spanning diverse industries Primarily in Uganda and across East Africa. As Chairman of Jasani Group, he wields influence in manufacturing, property development, education, IT, import-export, and more across East Africa, leaving a lasting impact. His visionary leadership and strategic prowess drive the organisation’s success, with a 5000-strong workforce predominantly drawn from the local population.
Armed with a Degree in Commerce, Adnan’s strong educational foundation underpins his achievements. His pivotal roles as Economic Planning Board Chairman for the Aga Khan National Council and philanthropic initiatives, such as free education, eye checkup camps, and police station renovations, showcase his multifaceted and altruistic personality. His leadership is characterized by a commitment to excellence and sustainable development will make him an invaluable asset, offering a holistic perspective on various industries and a profound understanding of organisational dynamics.

Kareem Jassani
Kareem JassaniExecutive Director/Board Member

Kareem Jassani, with over two decades of experience, brings a wealth of expertise primarily in East Africa, focusing on Uganda. Anchored by a solid Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, he is fortified by a robust academic foundation that has been the bedrock of his triumphant career journey. His professional trajectory has traversed an array of industries, encompassing manufacturing, property development, education sector, IT, import-export, distribution, and more.
Within Jasani Group, he plays a pivotal role in managing a workforce of over 5,000 employees, showcasing his adeptness in leading a multifaceted organisation. Concurrently, his decade-long dedication to the Aga Khan National Council for Uganda highlights his commitment to various influential positions and humanitarian initiatives such as education, eye checkup camps, and police station renovations. Kareem’s extensive industry knowledge, combined with his humanitarian efforts, positions him as a valuable addition to any organisation, offering a holistic perspective and vast experience.

Shamsher Khemani
Shamsher KhemaniNon-Executive Director/ Board Member

Shamsher Khemani is a highly accomplished Chartered Accountant with an impressive career spanning over 30 years, during which he has excelled in various roles. His background includes a notable tenure as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of two major commercial banks in Uganda. In 2010, he embarked on a successful journey as a prominent property developer, solidifying his entrepreneurial legacy. Additionally, he manages diverse business interests in Ontario, Canada. As a non-Executive Director at Acorns International School, his guidance and advisory contributions in areas like Finance, Banking, and Property Management are invaluable to the school’s strategic growth and financial governance.
Shamsher Khemani’s profound expertise and versatile experience make him a valuable addition to the Board at Acorns International School, where he plays an instrumental role in shaping the school’s strategic direction and financial governance.

Lilian Kiiza
Lilian KiizaBoard Member

Lilian Kiiza, is a seasoned professional and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London) with a strong background in corporate law spanning 12 years. Her expertise in arbitration, combined with her experience in Company Compliance, Finance, Banking, and litigation, positions her as a valuable asset to enhance the school’s governance and compliance. As the Founding Member and Managing Partner of Messrs. Kiiza & Kwanza Advocates, her extensive legal knowledge adds significant value to the board.
Lilian’s educational achievements, including an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) from Makerere University and a Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre, underscore her qualifications and dedication to furthering the school’s success. Her affiliation with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and other professional memberships highlights her commitment to excellence and makes her a valuable asset to the Board at Acorns International School, where her contributions will significantly enhance the school’s organisational strategies.

Parthasarathi Veldurthi
Parthasarathi VeldurthiBoard Member

Parthasarathi Veldurthi boasts an illustrious 30-year career in the insurance industry. Currently serving as the Managing Director of AfriSafe Insurance Brokers & Risk Consultants, he has steered the company to new heights in Uganda’s insurance broking sector. His 11-year role as Managing Director at Phoenix of Uganda Assurance Company Ltd further underscores his extensive industry expertise.
With a global perspective gained from work in India and Australia, Parthasarathi brings invaluable insights to the school’s board. Beyond his professional roles, he serves as a trusted trustee for the Indian Women Association of Uganda and the Telangana Association of Uganda. His academic qualifications, including a Bachelor of Science, and memberships with key institutions such as the Insurance Training College of Uganda and the Insurance Institute of India, highlight his commitment to excellence. Parthasarathi Veldurthi’s profound knowledge and leadership in the insurance sector make him a vital asset to Acorns International School’s Board, ensuring substantial contributions to the board’s effectiveness.

Ameena Lalani
Ameena LalaniCEO/Head of School/ Board Member

Ameena Lalani is an accomplished educational leader with over two decades of experience. As Head of School at Acorns International School (AIS), she has overseen its impressive growth, transforming it from four students in 2012 into a thriving institution with over 750 students from 40 nationalities. Ameena’s leadership secured AIS’s status as one of the rare IB World Continuum Schools in Uganda, further bolstered by international accreditations, including Cambridge International and more.
With dual Master’s Degrees, Ameena holds academic qualifications in IB Teaching and Learning and Commerce, alongside being a Professional Teacher Educator. Her professional roles, including Chairman of Aga Khan Education Board Uganda and Director for AKES, highlight her dedication to educational excellence. Ameena Lalani’s extensive experience and exceptional leadership abilities make her a pivotal addition to the Acorns International School Board, ensuring her valuable contributions to the institution’s continued success.

Rachelle Hale-Molo
Rachelle Hale-MoloDeputy Head of School/Board Member

Rachelle Hale-Molo is a dedicated and accomplished educational leader with over a decade of experience in child development and education. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with specialisations in Early Childhood Development and Teaching English as a Second Language. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Education, Rachelle has continuously advanced her knowledge and skills. Since joining Acorns International School in 2015, she has played various crucial roles, beginning as a PYP2 Homeroom teacher, subsequently founding and leading Learner Support Services, leading learning in the role of PYP Curriculum Coordinator and currently is the Deputy Head of School in 2023. Rachelle has actively engaged in diverse IB training programmes, further enriching her educational insights and contributions.
With her extensive experience in education and professional growth, Rachelle Hale-Molo is an invaluable asset to Acorns International School, contributing to the institution’s continuous development and educational excellence.

Lynn Bugaari Muhangi
Lynn Bugaari MuhangiHead of Human Resources/Secretary to the Board

Lynn Bugaari Muhangi is a highly accomplished and dedicated professional in the field of Human Resources and Labor Relations. With a Master’s degree and a strong academic foundation, she possesses over a decade of hands-on experience in various HR roles. Her expertise encompasses strategic HR planning, staff development, and performance management. As the Head of the Human Resource Department at Acorns International School Uganda, she has successfully established and managed HR processes, contributing to a positive work environment.
Her academic qualifications include a Master’s Degree (MA) in Labor Relations and Human Resources. Her professional memberships in the Human Resource Managers’ Association of Uganda and the Society for Human Resource Managers underscore her dedication to the field. Lynn Bugaari Muhangi’s profound expertise in Human Resources and Labor Relations makes her a valuable asset to the Board at Acorns International School, where her contributions will enhance HR and organisational strategies.



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