March 2024


The Friendly Dragon: A school play to remember

The latter half of Term 2 was a whirlwind of excitement as our EYP stars geared up for an amazing school play! 

We were amazed by the children’s skills and bravery as they took the stage; their performances were fantastically fun and they made us all proud.

This spectacular event wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated efforts of our teachers. They worked tirelessly to prepare the children, rehearse scenes, create props, and inspire the little ones to give their best on stage. A special round of applause goes to our PA teacher, Ms. Emily, for her exceptional vision and direction that brought the entire show to life.

We hope that you enjoyed the magical experience of the school play as much as we did. We couldn’t be prouder of our young performers. Here’s to more enchanting moments in the world of EYP!

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In the Early Years at Acorns International school, young learners took the lead in hosting a vibrant student-led conference. With enthusiasm and confidence, they showcased their growth, achievements, and learning experiences to parents, embodying the spirit of inquiry and communication fostered by the EYP.

Celebrating Growth: A Peek into the EYP Classroom

Each day is an adventure of discovery and exploration in EYP. 

From the moment our young learners step through the doors, curiosity ignites and inquiry knows no bounds. The foundations laid in the early months are now blossoming, and our little learners are progressing at full tilt, resulting in a term filled with exciting growth and newfound knowledge and skills. We’re pleased to share a snapshot of some of the joyous happenings and learning from our EYP classes.


Friends are developing dexterity, manipulating different tools for messy mark-making and relishing in sensory play activities as they develop their coordination and understanding of how the world around them works.


Children can identify and sort all types of everyday objects by size. In the past week, they were out in the garden explaining their numerical knowledge relating to big/small minibeasts, tall/short trees, and heavy/light stones.


Learners recognize letters and identify many of them, showing an understanding that they have meaning and are important tools for communication. Their developing fine motor skills now allow them to grip a pencil and write letters with minimal support.


They have progressed into reading entire short stories made up of a growing number of decodable words, gaining a bank of information which guides them in deciphering written language to understand its meaning.

As we reflect on the first part of the school year, we can see the seeds planted sprouting into knowledge. Letters, numbers, colours, and shapes are becoming familiar friends, and the joy on the faces of our little learners is infectious.

We invite you to take part in this journey with us, celebrating the achievements, big and small, of our young students. Together, as we nurture knowledge and inquiry, we are proud to set our children up to become lifelong learners.

We wish you all continued joy and discovery over the term break!

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