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Early Years Newsletter – March 2024

EARLY YEARS UPDATES March 2024 SCHOOL PLAY The Friendly Dragon: A school play to remember The latter half of Term 2 was a whirlwind of excitement as our EYP stars geared up for an amazing school play!  We were amazed by the children's skills and bravery as they took the stage; their performances were fantastically fun and they made us all proud. This spectacular event wouldn't have been possible without the dedicated efforts of our teachers. They worked tirelessly to prepare the children, rehearse scenes, create props, and inspire the [...]

Early Years Newsletter – March 20242024-03-25T11:52:21+03:00

Secondary Newsletter – March 2024

SECONDARY NEWSLETTER March 2024 MESSAGE FROM THE MYP CURRICULUM COORDINATOR (MYPCC) MYP5 Mock eAssessments Between February 12 and 15, MYP5 students undertook mock on-screen eAssessments.  These eAssessments provide students with a chance to familiarize themselves with the eAssessment format and structure, as well as the types of questions they'll encounter in the finals in May. Covering the same subjects as the final eAssessments - Mathematics, Language and Literature, French, Chemistry/Biology/Physics, Geography/History, and Interdisciplinary Inquiries - these mock assessments serve to identify areas for improvement. Both students and teachers use the [...]

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Primary Newsletter – March 2024

PRIMARY NEWSLETTER March 2024 MESSAGE FROM THE PYP CURRICULUM COORDINATOR (PYPCC) As we reflect on Term 2 at Acorns, this has been a term which has been filled with curiosity, inquiry and fun!  Students have been engaged in their classrooms working hard towards achieving their personal best and developing the skills and concepts that are gained throughout PYP. A large proportion of PYP staff have successfully completed IB professional development training throughout the term, they are excited about implementing their newly found knowledge in the classrooms, as well as sharing with [...]

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Newsletter – March 2024

NEWSLETTER March 2024 MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL ANOTHER HUMBLE BEGINNING It is with great enthusiasm, that I would like to announce we are now ready to embark on yet another humble beginning – introducing Acorns Gulu! With eager anticipation, we sow the seeds of new Acorns to witness the metamorphosis of this barren land into the vibrant campus of Acorns. Let us continue to inspire and empower the future of our growing Acorns community! I extend my sincere gratitude to City Mayor Mr. [...]

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Early Years Newsletter – February 2024

EARLY YEARS UPDATES February 2024 CELEBRATING FAVOURITES WEEK IN EYP Celebrating Favourites Week at EYP was a resounding success! Throughout the week, our young learners engaged in a myriad of themed activities, showcasing everything from beloved character costumes to cherished colours. The grand finale was marked by an exuberant display of a beloved activity - bouncing castles! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to parents for their active participation, aiding their children in expressing their preferences and fostering communication skills throughout the week. [...]

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Secondary Newsletter – February 2024

SECONDARY NEWSLETTER February 2024 MESSAGE FROM THE MYP CURRICULUM COORDINATOR (MYPCC) This term's CCC took place on Thursday, January 25th, and focused on "Time and Task Management – Working between Home and School." Parents were invited to engage in activities aimed at identifying self-management and time management challenges faced by their children and to develop ideas for strategies to address them. A big thank you to participating parents. MYP1-4 MAP Tests and MYP 5 Mock eAssessments MAP assessments for MYP1-4 in Math, Science, English [...]

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Primary Newsletter – February 2024

PRIMARY NEWSLETTER February 2024 MESSAGE FROM THE PYP CURRICULUM COORDINATOR (PYPCC) Students came back energised and refreshed from their holidays, and began their Term 2 MAP assessments on January 15th - January 29th.  These assessments assisted the teachers in tracking the progress of their students from the first term, as well as analysing the results to help them plan and develop their teaching strategies for the upcoming term. CCC was held on January 25, where the topic of conversation was ‘Assessment: Purpose and Change.’  During this, we discussed the importance of [...]

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Newsletter – February 2024

NEWSLETTER February 2024 MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD & DEPUTY HEAD OF SCHOOL Dear Acorns Family,  Much like a flourishing oak tree reaching new heights, ACORNS is experiencing unprecedented growth, proudly rooted in its success with CIS accreditation, International Award, and expansions. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD We are extremely pleased to announce that Acorns International School has been honoured with International School Awards 2024 for implementing the school’s annual ‘Global Village’ Event, designed to support students’ development and foster global citizenship and international mindedness. The winners of the International School Awards 2024 were announced [...]

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Primary Newsletter – December 2023

PRIMARY NEWSLETTER December 2023 MESSAGE FROM CURRICULUM COORDINATOR Students concluded a successful first term by completing their Internal Assessments between November 13 and 24. Throughout this time, all PYP students were very dedicated to trying to achieve their personal best in all the assessed subjects. Next term, we will begin with MAP assessments from the second week so that teachers can develop and modify their teaching and learning for the term based on the results. Coffee with the Curriculum Coordinator (CCC) is also scheduled for January 25. We hope to [...]

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Secondary Newsletter – December 2023

SECONDARY NEWSLETTER December 2023 MESSAGE FROM THE MYP CURRICULUM COORDINATOR (MYPCC) End-of-Term 1 Workshops Skills Workshops Students participated in various skills workshops from December 11 to 13, including one focused on the development of an ATL (Approaches to Learning) skill-based portfolio in Toddle. In this workshop, students curated a selection of their work to showcase and explained how they developed one or more ATL skills during the creation of each piece. These Toddle portfolios will be shared with parents during the Student-Led Conferences at the end of Term 2. [...]

Secondary Newsletter – December 20232023-12-21T08:04:03+03:00
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