February 2024


Celebrating Favourites Week at EYP was a resounding success! Throughout the week, our young learners engaged in a myriad of themed activities, showcasing everything from beloved character costumes to cherished colours. The grand finale was marked by an exuberant display of a beloved activity – bouncing castles! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to parents for their active participation, aiding their children in expressing their preferences and fostering communication skills throughout the week.

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EYP embarked on a zoo adventure in Entebbe on February 6th, venturing beyond our school horizons. The first exhilarating moment of the day was the journey by school bus—an excitement in itself! We arrived just in time for the drizzle to clear, allowing the children to marvel at majestic lions, mimic a baby elephant’s trumpet, and engage with the playful chimpanzees by hooting and hollering.

A serene moment of wonder unfolded as we observed white tigers taking a nap, and the children displayed great bravery by approaching the enclosures of the large snakes. The unique shoebill storks not only captured our attention but also exhibited equal curiosity, approaching to get a closer look at our little ones. We marvelled at the diverse small mammals and birds, relishing a colourful instance when a peacock spread its feathers in a regal welcome.

Our excursion provided an exciting encounter with animals up close, leaving us with much to discuss in the aftermath of this adventure. We extend our gratitude to the parents and guardians who joined us, contributing to the success of this memorable trip!

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