October 2022


Dear AIS Families,

Just half a term and we have so much to share! These two months have been a great precursor to the ones that will follow. 

At the onset, I would like to welcome our newest member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Lynn Bugaari Muhangi, our Head of Human Resources. She joins us with troves of experience and education in HR, having worked at UNBS as the Principal HRO for the last 7 years and a total of 10 years of experience in HR Management. She has a Master’s Degree in HR and Labour Relations from South Africa, a BA degree in HRM, and BA Hons Degree in HR and Labour Relations. Welcome, Ms. Lynn!

While on the topic of expansions, I am sure you have noticed the flurry of activity in what will be our Secondary Block. We all are very excited about the nearly 40 new rooms, bigger library and huge labs, beautiful corridors, lounges and so much more. 

This Term has been about celebrations, big and small. We are so proud of all our Secondary students who contested in the Student Council elections and those who made the cut. These elections (in the Primary and Secondary) were all about Leadership and Agency. 

Congratulations, to our DP1 Student Council President Casey Egesa and his team who will represent student voices and agency at AIS. We have always ensured our students have the opportunity to express their views on issues of concern, and with this Council, we have formalized this voice to take an active part in promoting the aims and objectives of the school. I recognise that the Student Council is a relatively new concept at AIS and that there will inevitably be a learning curve for all involved. Nevertheless, I am confident that through an active partnership between management, teachers, parents and students, the concept will work effectively for the benefit of the entire school community. 

On this note, I would also like to congratulate and welcome our new AIS PTO Chair, Mr. Ivan Irumba, and his team. The PTO and School Management collaboration has been a dream journey. It has been collaborative, respectful and highly engaging. Looking forward to another fruitful year with the new PTO Team.

This Student Council and the PTO will be an intrinsic part while we plan the beautification of the Secondary Block so that we factor all perspectives.

I, recently, had the opportunity to meet Mr. Denis Akwar, the UNEB principal examinations officer. He is currently undertaking some desk study of assessment instruments as a basis to compare the standards with the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE). We met to discuss assessment at the primary level of education in Acorns International School so that best practices from international standards can be included in the national curriculum. We look forward to a healthy collaboration on best practices.

Please take the time to read about all our celebrations and achievements in this newsletter. Every department, every class, every student and every staff member has achievements to share!  That will make this newsletter long but I can assure you that it is engaging, eventful and very pleasing to the eyes and mind.

October was the month of….

  • World Teachers’ Day on October 5 and we proudly celebrated our staff at AIS.
  • October 9, 2022, marked 60 years of Uganda’s Independence. It takes immense dedication and hard work to take a country to new heights and together we can make it happen. Happy Independence Day, Uganda!
  • October 10 was World Mental Health Day. Like our physical health, we also have mental health. As per data from the World Health Organization (WHO) rates of already-common conditions such as depression and anxiety went up by more than 25% in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, adding to the nearly one billion people already living with a mental disorder. #Mentalhealth is intrinsic and instrumental to the lives of all people. Having good mental health means we are better able to connect, function, cope and thrive. It’s time to reflect on our own mental health, discuss this with your family members, with your friends, and your relatives, and spread as much awareness as we can. #WorldMentalHealthDay!

I would like to wish all parents and staff a relaxing and safe midterm break. Our staff will return on Monday, October 24 and we will be ready to welcome students on Tuesday, October 25. Enjoy the break!


Early Childhood

We are growing, and thoroughly enjoying this journey. This term, we welcomed two new teachers to our team – Ms. Sharon Brenda Nakabira, the Homeroom Teacher of Reception Hippos and Ms. Lerato Mofammere, the Teaching Assistant in Reception Elephants. 

I want to thank parents, children, and teachers for their continued support in making the EC Department a thriving learning environment for young learners.  It’s heart-warming to see how engaged each AIS Family is in these activities.

In the same spirit, I would like to exhort parents to encourage students to leave their toys at home. We understand some toys are emotionally comforting; in this case, please get in touch with the teacher so we can devise a plan to phase out them bringing/needing the toy. Similarly, to date, we still have students reporting despite being ill. We kindly request you keep your child home if ill so that we prevent a community spread. If not, when teachers notice symptoms, they will call the parent to pick up their child from school again.

Yirka Vinck
Head of Early Childhood Department
Email: [email protected]


The first half of Term 1 has been wonderful. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our parents, students and teachers for doing your best to propel this academic journey. I would also like to thank the AIS community, especially the PTO, for taking the time to appreciate our staff during Staff Appreciation Week (which was in line with World Teachers’ Day on October 5). The entire AIS Team felt special and appreciated. Thank you!

Through these weeks, our students have also had several momentous moments such as student council elections, Global Village and a great Unit in Action by our PYP 6s. Our teachers, too, have been imbibing the IB Learner Profile of being Lifelong Learners and engaged in several professional development (PD) sessions with the IB and AISA. We hope you have checked your child’s school email address to access the MAP Assessment reports.

We are so excited about the rest of this term. Wish you a wonderful break and see you on Tuesday, October 25!

Shallon Baguma
Head of Primary Department
Email: [email protected]


“Sometimes we can only find our true direction when we let the wind of change carry us.”  Mimi Novic – Author

It’s been a great start to the academic year. The first on-campus academic year after the pandemic started with many new initiatives. A new block of classrooms has been added to the Secondary. New language- Spanish is introduced. The AIS Student Council is now a 13-members strong team invested with various roles and responsibilities. Our Duke of Edinburgh Practice journey for Bronze and Silver levels is scheduled for October 15-16. The students are quite excited about this trip. The Silver awardee students are busy mentoring the newbies as to the expectations and the fun that awaits them. 

We request all the parents to take time to read the Parent Handbook to familiarise themselves with the various protocols with regard to attendance, the celebration of birthdays, uniform code, buying of textbooks and managing the lockers of the students in the Secondary. 

Shirin Bagchi
Head of Secondary Department
Email: [email protected]



As an IB Continuum School, AIS propagates the holistic development of each child and we believe that good behaviour is one such important foundation stone. We request you talk to your child (ren) about behaving in a way that is respectful to others and not disrupting classes or their school day.

While we understand that we have different parenting styles, we must talk to them about being responsible, caring and principled individuals who will positively impact the community. Please also discuss the importance of refraining from using vulgar and inappropriate language or gestures that are hurtful to their peers and teachers. Mutual respect is an important tenet in our AIS community. 

Any behaviour not in line with the IB Learner Profile attributes or against the class essential agreements will lead to disciplinary consequences depending on the severity of the incursion.


AIS students of PYP1 through High School (DP2/A Levels) are expected to report to class between 7:30 and 7:45 am, and their first class begins at 8:00 am. In the Early Childhood department, the reporting time is 8:30 am, and their first class begins at 8:45 am.

Students reporting after these times will be marked ‘Tardy’ (This will contribute toward the 90% mandatory attendance. Please read the Attendance and Retention Policy). Repeated tardiness may elicit a meeting between the parents and School Management.

In the Secondary Department, all students should check in with their homeroom teacher at 07:45 am for morning attendance. Students arriving after 8:00 am will not be able to disrupt the first session and must wait till the next session at 8:40 am. 

We request that you take this matter seriously and if you intend to travel, please, plan to do it during breaks when students will not miss classes. Kampala traffic is unpredictable, so kindly plan your journey accordingly, so that the student is punctual.


The AIS uniform is compulsory for students from Reception class onwards. The Primary Department uniform comprises navy blue trousers, shorts or skirts, with a beige polo t-shirt and a sweater. The Secondary students have a formal uniform that consists of a navy blue shirt, khaki trousers and a necktie.

In addition to our school uniform, a PE kit is also available, which should be worn by all students on the day of their PE lesson (Secondary students must carry their uniform on the day they have PE). Please label all the uniforms, so that it is easily traceable in Lost and Found.


The year (term) has been off to a great start and we cannot thank parents, students, and staff enough. Many thanks!

From the Admin Team to you, here are a few reminders:


Lunch drops or delivery are still not allowed. We have microwaves on each floor available for students that come to school with packed lunches. Snack/Lunch packed should be able to withstand throughout the day for both breaks, please make informed choices about these.

After-School Clubs

To allow for positive as well as satisfactory results, we are no longer accepting new entrants or changes in the clubs as we are halfway through the term. This is to ensure that facilitators work effectively for the specific number of students earlier shared with them and avoid disrupting their arrangements. 

Skating Club

Dance Club

Ballet Club

Art Club

Parking @AIS Campus 

Unfortunately, parking on the AIS Campus throughout the day is not permitted. We understand that traffic is a growing problem in Kampala, however, allowing such an arrangement will be a breach of security for both our students as well as staff. We are grateful for your cooperation.

 AIS Exit ID Card

AIS Exit ID Cards are essential swipe cards that all our AIS Families should have and present at the exit gates whenever it’s pick-up time.

For smooth pick-up shifts, we encourage all without cards and old cards needing replacement to email [email protected]. This also applies when there is a change in who is authorised to pick up your child. 

Please inform the Admin Team or respective HoD earlier through email or text whenever someone new is to pick the students up in case of an emergency. 

Rosyelene Ampumuza
Head of Administration
Email: [email protected]


Early Childhood

Since last year, our EC teachers have been training in a new method called ‘Write Dance’, an exciting music and dance approach to developing the skills needed for writing. As part of our staff training and professional development, our teachers had an online course that inspired and motivated them to implement new techniques in their classes. We are so excited about dancing our way through writing.


One of the IB Learner Profile attributes is Lifelong Learning. As we guide our students to have these attributes, it begins with our teachers. AIS takes pride in seeing all the teachers grow in professional skills and improve their best practices. For this reason, we encourage all our teachers to attend in-service training consistently. The first training this academic year was from August 11-19. Way to go, teachers!


Our teachers arrived early to plan and prepare for the new academic year. They had intensive sessions ranging from active learning, inquiry-based learning to differentiation techniques, inclusive classroom arrangements and incorporating ATL skills in their teaching-learning sessions. 


Tracking and monitoring tools have been put in place to ensure that students progress in their learning is monitored periodically. To ensure that this is done consistently and properly, all the speciality teachers were taken through a professional development on this during Zero Week. Teachers are periodically tracking and monitoring the learning of their students in their different disciplines.

At Acorns International School (AIS) in Kampala and Kigali, Ms. Ameena discussed with Early Childhood and Lower Primary Teachers, how play-based curriculum is most critical and developmentally appropriate in holistic development and in realizing child’s potential to give society a healthy, happy, social, caring, creative, intellectual, and responsible generation.

AIS is committed to implement play-based curriculum in Early Childhood and Lower Primary Departments and it is implemented through learning centers. #playbasedlearning #learningcenter

Community Outreach

Members of the Ismaili Community visited the Early Childhood Department of AIS. The community offers religious education and has an Early Childhood Centre that offers classes in the evening and on Saturdays.
Teachers of this EC Centre wanted to gain more knowledge about circle time, carpet time, and how play-based learning is organized in the different learning centers.
The training included a presentation, a practical example of how circle time works, and visiting the various classrooms in our AIS Early Childhood Department.


Early Childhood

We started this term with Open Day on August 22. This is a great opportunity for students and parents to visit the Early Childhood Department to meet with their new teachers and see their new classrooms, inquire about their timetables, management, etc.


At AIS, Open Day is usually a day when students and their parents get to meet their homeroom teachers. It is always an invaluable opportunity for them to get first-hand information about the new class’s daily routines and procedures, curriculum expectations and classroom culture; teachers also get to answer questions parents and students may have about the new class. It was a great day to see students reporting back to school after a long break but also exciting to receive new students and parents joining us for the first time.

We appreciate all the families that joined us for Open Day.


The first Open Day on campus after the pandemic was an event in itself. The parents and the students familiarised themselves with the new classrooms and met the teachers informally. It was a good opportunity for the parents to get to know the Managebac platform from the curriculum coordinators. This was also the first time that the textbook packs were available to be handed over across the counter. 

Parents got a chance to know more about the Duke of Edinburgh programme and the Secondary Service and Clubs programme during the day from Mr Dennis Owora as well. 



My name is Ms. Emma, your new PSPE Counsellor and PSPE Teacher. It is an honour and privilege to join the AIS Family. 

I have interacted with some of you and it opened my eyes to the level of learning and discipline that is encouraged and taught here. 

I look forward to these classroom interactions and collaborating with the teachers and other staff to make AIS students continue to improve and excel. It will be nice to meet the parents and I’d like to welcome you, should you wish to talk. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and lend some support. 


On October 10, our students spread awareness about mental health issues and advocated for raising global awareness about it by distributing green ribbons to the school community. 

To acknowledge the day, the current topic of PSPE in Secondary is malicious conversations like gossiping and how the choices in behaviour and communication can have a negative impact on someone’s mental health. Through detailed and goal-oriented conversations, our Secondary Students are given the tools and strategies to empower themselves and others to stop such unproductive behaviour. 



In September, our students took part in MAP® (Measures of Academic Progress)  Assessments. AIS Primary students take the MAP Assessment at the start of the academic year and at the end. Teachers use this as a tool for gaining knowledge of student skills and tracking their progress throughout the year. 

Parents/Guardians will have received their student’s MAP Family Report through their student’s school email on Friday, October 14th. The email also includes some helpful links for parents/guardians to help them understand how to read the report. However, if you have any questions specifically about your child, you can always ask for a meeting with your homeroom teacher.


MYP 1-4 MAP assessments 

Every six months, students in MYP1-4 participate in MAP® (Measures of Academic Progress) tests in reading, language use, maths, and science. These are standardised tests, conducted on a computer, which track progress in various skill areas of these subjects. 

The most recent set of MAP tests for MYP 1-4 were conducted from September 14th – September 15th, 2022. Results from the tests are used to inform better teaching and learning.

MYP 5 Practice eAssessment 

To better prepare the students of MYP5 for their upcoming MYP e-assessments, practice examinations on the following subjects were held

  • Mathematics
  • Language and Literature
  • Chemistry
  • Biology/Physics

Between May 8th and May 19th, 2023, MYP5 Students will sit for the official, internationally-recognised final on-screen eAssessments for the MYP conducted externally by IBO.

DP/A Levels Midterm Assessments 

The week beginning October 3, 2022 saw the start of midterm assessments for our DP and A Levels students. The actual advantage of learning, as we all know, is what you become, and you can only do that when you have honestly assessed yourself. The beauty of assessment is that it allows us to review what we have learnt and determine what we still need to improve on.

As a school, we provide a variety of learning opportunities that measure our students’ development in an effort to promote their learning. As educators, we are eager to use the assessment data to create customized learning experiences that will best benefit our students. We must use the assessment results to guide our strategies for teaching and learning.

Please make sure you check Managebac to see how your child’s progress has been up to this point. We look forward to working cooperatively with you to support our students as they develop into their best selves.

Academic Integrity Sessions

Academic Integrity sessions were held on Thursday, September 29. Students completed a series of activities to learn about types of Academic Misconduct and how to avoid them. Plagiarism, Collusion, Cheating and Duplication are serious offences and could result in a range of disciplinary actions. It is important that we base our arguments on the evidence and ideas of others, but it is essential that we give credit where credit is due, write in our own voice and submit our own work. 

Academic Integrity is extremely important and students will have regular sessions to ensure they are developing these necessary skills.

Extended Essay Unpacking

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” Albert Einstein

On September 28, our Extended Essay Coordinator, Mr. Henry Bateeze, and our school librarian, Mr. Patrick Kasenge, spent a significant portion of the morning discussing academic integrity, the school’s policy on academic integrity, the structure of extended essays, and academic referencing styles with DP1 students. 

The students learned about different forms of academic misconduct and how to prevent them. A variety of disciplinary measures that could be taken in response to major offences such as plagiarism, collusion, cheating, and duplication.

As the saying goes “Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity. The greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply. When we listen with curiosity, we don’t listen with the intent to reply. We listen for what’s behind the words.” Roy T Bennett

The Extended Essay Research is a form of expression that feeds and reflects curiosity.


DofE International Quality Assurance Meeting  

The benchmarking conference on quality assurance of the award and compliance was hosted virtually by the Duke of Edinburgh Foundation London on September 28, 2022. We were ably represented by our Silver Level students Sukaina Mohsen, Disha Nayee and Alycia Juma from MYP5. They shared their experiences with the award and contributed on the adjustments that can make it better, especially the logging of reflections on the Online Records Book and the adventurous journeys.

DUKE OF EDINBURGH (DofE) Practice Journey

The prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award practice adventurous journey is for the learners in MYP 4/5/A-LEVELS/DP undertaking their Bronze and Silver Levels. The expedition will take place in Busoga Region (Kamuli & Buyende) with trekking, Kagulu Rock climb and a visit to HRH The Kyabazinga of Busoga.

The students have undergone training for the journey and we are looking forward to an adventurous expedition.

Expeditions are part of the requirements for qualification at any level. Students MUST take a physical activity, Skilling activity, Voluntary activity and an Expedition (Practice & Qualifier) for qualification at all levels that is, Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels.

Click on the image for gallery

Click on the image for gallery

Click on the image for gallery

DofE Expedition Donation Drive (MIRU PRIMARY SCHOOL)

The AIS Community this week organised a donation drive of desks, scholastic materials and a door for Miru Primary School located in Buyende District. The school has over 500 students in dilapidated buildings with few desks and with most classes without doors and windows which affect students’ study and concentration in class.

Over the weekend, we will deliver what we collected to the educational institution. We intend to offer them; 10 classroom desks, textbooks, subject-related charts (Science, Maths, English, SST)- labelled insects, organ diagrams, maps, number systems etc, Buy and Fix one door and to create a long outreach program with the school for future engagements.

DofE Clubs

As part of the DofE journey, our students partake in several skill acquisition clubs. For example, in Life Saving Club a team from City Ambulance, organized by the club President Ashley Byaruhanga from MYP3, took students through the different life-saving techniques like CPR, ABC and their symptoms, similarly, in Dance Club our MYP4 student Srunitha is taking the lead for this session in teaching the rest of the participants the moves of a Bollywood dance, while in sculpture and carpentry clubs, students are making varied shapes and sculptures using paper, thread and clay.



Life Saver


Sculpture & Carpentry


AIS’ success and growth are, undoubtedly, attributed to many who play their part. One such important foundation is our members of staff. So, on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day which is on October 5, we took the opportunity to celebrate the AIS Team. During the week, we gifted each other, Management gifted us, the PTO celebrated us and we partied! Such a fun week! 


On September 2nd, Ms. Yirka engaged EC parents in a session, ‘Exploring Play-Based Learning Centres.’ 

Parents learned more about the advantages of play, why AIS chooses a play-based curriculum in the EC Department, and how learning centres enrich the play environment for children.

Thank you to those parents who joined us.  We loved how involved you were in your answers and during the play activity.

Yirka Vinck

Thank you to all our families that were able to attend our Primary Coffee with Curriculum Coordinator event, led by Ms Rachelle. This session had the BEST turnout we have ever had for this event. 

Ms Rachelle took attendees through an overview of what it means to be an IB school and what their students can expect from their IB journey. Updates about the school programmes and PTO were also shared.

If you missed the presentation, you can view an abridged version of it here. 

 Rachelle Hale

This MYP Coffee with Curriculum Coordinator gave an overview of the MYP curriculum.

We also introduced the various support services for Secondary students. The various support services available in Secondary are:

The Learner Support Team for academic support.

The Counsellor for social and emotional well-being.

The Career Pathways Team for career plans, subject choice and guidance in further studies and university applications. 

The Service Coordinator also detailed the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. 

Finally, we gave some tips on how to access student academic information using ManageBac

We were fortunate to have a great turnout of over 60 parents. We thank you and would like your input for future workshops.

Sam Weavers

We want to express our gratitude to all the parents and guardians who made the time to attend High School Coffee with Curriculum Coordinator.

We discussed the curriculum structure for IBDP and A Levels, the distinction between study and assessment, the career pathways program for DP and A Levels, navigating Managebac, and counselling services at Acorns. Once more, many thanks to everyone who came.

If you were unable to attend the session, please feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected] or to schedule a session using the link below;

Meet the Curriculum Coordinator

Kenneth Kanyesigye


PTO Selections 

Every academic year, we have a new Parent Teacher Organisation (PTO) team that comes on board with great new vigor and exciting new initiative. 

This year, PTO volunteers were asked to fill out a Google Form to express interest by Thursday, September 1, 2022 and then selections were made on Friday, September 2, 2022. 

After the selections, the new PTO body had a handover meeting on Thursday, September 15, 2022, where a new executive committee was democratically elected.  Click for picture

The following members have been voted for: Mr. Ivan Irumba was elected as the new PTO Chairman, Mr. Henry Kalanzi as the new PTO Vice-Chairman, Mrs. Kiran Kommareddy as the new PTO Secretary, Mrs. Mwanje Ruth as the new PTO Vice- Secretary and Mrs. Millicent Mugabi as the new PTO Treasurer.  

Ivan Irumba
PTO Chair

PTO Home Clothes Day 

This PTO initiative has been a popular one among students, and the tradition will continue. October 7 was the first Home Clothes Day of this academic year. As usual, students are encouraged to wear their home clothes and pay UGX 2000 to the PTO volunteers at the gate. We appreciate all parents for supporting these fundraising drives that make PTO initiatives possible.  

PTO Teacher Appreciation

On the same Friday, PTO volunteers appreciated teachers by setting up a grab-and-take snack booth. They also gave the “Proud Teacher of AIS Lanyard” to all teachers. This put a smile on all the teachers during their Appreciation Week. Once again, we appreciate all the parents for supporting our fundraising efforts and making such initiatives possible.



Family Zumba & Carpet Time: Each student invited one family member to school to join us in a Zumba session with the entire Department. 


Arts and Crafts on the topic ‘Family’: Students created family trees, banners, and members using various reusable materials.


Family members could sign up to lead an activity in class. Some parents, aunties, and grannies came along to play games, read stories, or do a puppet show. 


Famaily Movie Day: On this day, each yearband in Early Childhood had an exclusive movie screening with their friends!


Family Treasure Hunt: Each student could invite one family member to play a treasure hunt with. Students and parents had to solve some clues leading them to a place in the EC Department where they had to finish a particular game/activity. After each activity, they would get a puzzle piece. A treasure was waiting for those who completed the entire puzzle! 

You can watch the following video to get a better view of how fun Family Week was:


The annual Acorns International School (AIS) Careers Week is designed to introduce our students to different career choices and give them a flavour of the necessary skillsets required. These chats with experienced professionals are invaluable in their academic journeys. 

This year, On September 23-24, our students met with professionals from the medical industry, telecom industry, entrepreneurs as well as engineers. They also met with representatives from BridgeU and Uniserv to gain perspective on their subject choices, university applications and even study tips.


Our DP1, DP2, AS, A2, and MYP5 students attended a university fair hosted by our partner UNISERV on September 29, 2022, at the Golf Course Hotel in Kampala.

Universities from UK, Canada, Australia, USA, and Ireland had representatives at the fair, and they provided our students with a wealth of information about international universities, course choices, valid personal statement requirements, subject choice requirements, admission requirements, application and travel requirements, lifestyle and residence options, and, to some extent, scholarship deadlines.

The information the students received helped reshape their university searches and has improved the quality of decision-making.


AIS aims to develop every student’s potential in all areas of their learning. This year, we decided to restructure the student leadership body, also known as the ‘AIS Student Council’, which will be a platform to have more student voices and initiatives in our planning process.

The Student Council has representatives from Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary. In the Early Childhood Department, students were nominated by their homeroom teachers. In the Primary and Secondary, they were democratically elected by fellow students. 

In the Secondary Department, students engaged in a rigorous process to become candidates. They wrote application letters, following which Heads of Departments interviewed and vetted each candidate. Successful candidates then had open campaigns in the school’s auditorium on Wednesday, September 28, 2022. After the campaigns, candidates were democratically voted for using an online voting system developed by the AIS ICT Department. 

On Friday, September 30, 2022, we had our first Student Council Investiture ceremony. During this occasion, the elected council members made pledges of loyalty to the offices elected for, they were given badges, and the outgoing House Captains were given certificates to appreciate their service to the school community. 

We appreciate all the students, who were risk-takers and participated in this exercise, there were a lot of learning experiences gained by all that participated. 


On October 7th, our Reception Class students showcased their knowledge about the Unit ‘Who We Are’ in their Assembly. Students role-played the different stages of life, they recognized their body parts by dancing the ‘Body Bob Bob Dance’ and shared what they love doing the most.

Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

This year, our Primary students are participating in a new event called “Unit in Action”. The purpose of this event is to showcase some actions they are taking regarding what they have learned in their Unit of Inquiry.

PYP6 students were the first to participate as they took action to educate the community about their first unit ‘Who We Are’ – Cultures and Communities. Students collaborated and created displays about their cultures and invited their family members to come in to learn more about different cultures and experience traditional foods and festivities.

Assemblies in the Secondary Department continue to be the platform where our students share their voices, thoughts and talent. The term started with our A Levels students sharing their information and suggestions on how to balance the various aspects of student life. They made handouts for the audience where they shared tips and suggestions on how to stay balanced and reflective. DP2 students presented the IB Learner Profile of Risk Takers through a skit and dance performance. AS students inquired into substance and drug abuse and presented to their fellow senior secondary students on causes of substance and drug abuse, physical and mental dependence, signs and symptoms of substance abuse, most commonly abused substances and drugs, their side effects, prevention and control. This left the audience more knowledgeable and aware of the ill effects of such addictions. Indeed, our students are creating the ripples of change through their advocacy for various social and global issues. We look forward to watching many more insightful assemblies where our students display all the traits of a true “Acornian”.


AS & A -Level Autism Mukisa Foundation Donation

The AS and A Levels students performed musicals and printed t-shirts and collected cash from the AIS Community throughout the last term of the previous academic year. The generous contributions enabled them to buy scholastic and play materials for the differently-abled children at Mukisa Foundation. The items will enable the children to practice skills as well as ease their learning in class. The day was wonderful with interactions between the managers of the foundation and the AIS students.

MYP 3 Community Project Service Fund

Our MYP3 students under the Community Project are carrying out various activities like Bake-sales and homemade juice sales to raise funds for their projects.

The Community Project is a unique opportunity for the learners to use their strengths and skills to serve a community of their choice. They develop an awareness of needs in various communities and address them through Service as Action. They apply the approaches to learning skills and apply how they can learn best for the benefit of others through learning skills, transfer of prior learning and subject-specific knowledge into new and perhaps unfamiliar situations.

Our students of MYP3 ideated various ways in which they can raise funds for their causes. It is quite reassuring to see our young learners trying to serve the community. They are raising funds to buy scholastic materials and cleaning supplies for Kisasi Primary school, homeless shelters and orphanages. We would like you all to encourage them by buying their homemade food items and bracelets and trinkets. 


AIS Partnership with Alliance Francaise Kampala 

AIS has renewed its partnership with Alliance Francaise Kampala Institute. This partnership has provided innumerable benefits to our students and the AIS French Department which includes regular trips to the facility wherein students experience the fun nuances of learning French through various engaging activities and games. They also explore the institute’s library and their teachers borrow some reading books. Our teachers get free training from experts from the institute, and interested students can pay subsidised fees to take International French exams from the institute. 


We started school team practice on Monday, August 29, 2022. The same week, we had school team tryouts for Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, Swimming, Table Tennis, and Athletics for the new students. If you are a new parent and interested in your child trying out for the school teams, please email [email protected] and you will be informed when the next tryout is.

We appreciate all the parents who have diligently managed early morning and late evening pick-up schedules. We remind parents that early drop-off for morning practice sessions is 6:50 a.m. and late pick-up after the evening practice schedule is strictly 5:30 a.m.

Gate Pass Policy

This year, we have issued gate passes to all students who are part of the school team, this is to ensure that only selected students attend the Saturday practice sessions. I encourage all parents to adhere to this policy by presenting these cards to the security personnel when students are dropped off for practice, especially on Saturdays. Students are not allowed to bring gadgets on Saturday, we encourage parents to help us follow up with this. 

ISSA League Updates 

Our teams have participated in the ISSA (International Schools Sports Association) League fixtures and the progress has been commendable. 

Our 5 teams (U12 Girls Basketball team, U13 Boys Soccer Team, the UI6 Girls Soccer Team, the U10 Girls Basketball team and the U8 Jamboree Basketball Team) that have been registered to compete in the ISSA League and have worked so hard to maintain a good record of performance. 

Jamboree Basketball Tournament 

On October 1, 2022, AIS hosted the ISSA (International Schools Sports Association) U8 Jamboree basketball tournament. Four teams (Acorns International School, Aga Khan, and 2 teams from Kampala Community International School) engaged in competitive games that were played in a round-robin format. At the end of all the games, Acorns International School emerged winners by accumulating the highest points (7 points) ahead of KCIS (B)- 6 points, KCIS (A)-4 points and Aga Khan- 0 points. Congratulations AIS U 8 Jamboree Team.

Our own Leroy Winyi Balya was the top scorer scoring 9 baskets throughout the tournament. 

We appreciate our younger learners for showing resilience and team spirit that brought about their victory. We also appreciate parents for their unwavering support. 


At AIS, we value Global Citizens and international mindedness. In keeping with this, every year, we organise “Global Village” in order to allow students to experience and learn about their own and other cultures.

This year, each department at AIS celebrated Global Village in a unique way with different themes. The Early Childhood Department celebrated Global Village themed, ‘Celebrating our Unique Nationalities’. The Primary Department celebrated Global Village themed, ‘Celebrating Our Unique Origin’, wherein students made presentations concerning human history on three topics: cultural imprint, sports and entertainment, and education.

The Secondary Department celebrated Global Village themed, ‘Global Sustainable Development Goals’, wherein students made presentations concerning how different countries have implemented the SDGs and the underlying cultural implications. 

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