February 2024


Students came back energised and refreshed from their holidays, and began their Term 2 MAP assessments on January 15th – January 29th.  These assessments assisted the teachers in tracking the progress of their students from the first term, as well as analysing the results to help them plan and develop their teaching strategies for the upcoming term.

CCC was held on January 25, where the topic of conversation was ‘Assessment: Purpose and Change.’  During this, we discussed the importance of MAP, as well as looking deeper into reading the Family Growth Reports sent out each term.  We also looked at the Internal Assessment and discussed the shift of introducing more standardised, and formative assessments, as well as looking deeper into the new assessment criteria we are using.  Thank you to all the parents who came to support us.a

Jamal Makki
PYP Curriculum Coordinator
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 PYP5 Unit in Action

In the expansive realm of global beliefs, diversity is evident in major religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism, each with distinct tenets. Cultural beliefs, such as ancestor worship in African cultures and Shintoism in Japan, accentuate the multifaceted nature of human convictions. The rich tapestry of global beliefs extends to political ideologies, scientific outlooks, and personal philosophies. PYP 5’s “Unit in Action” immersed students in presentations exploring diverse belief systems, allowing them to articulate their understanding and perspectives on cultural and religious ideologies. 

We thank all parents who came to support their children when presenting their Unit in Action.

Field Trips

This academic year brought about a thrilling resurgence of field trips for students, since the pandemic. Enthusiastically, students spanning from PYP1 to PYP6 eagerly embraced the opportunity to partake in these educational excursions. The field trips not only provided hands-on activities but also nurtured peer interaction beyond the confines of the classroom, fostering meaningful engagement with the local community.

The students relished every moment, immersing themselves in a diverse array of activities. From the joy of crafting paper creations and mastering the art of baking biscuits to delving into the realms of financial literacy, the experiences were both educational and enjoyable. The excitement extended to additional activities such as swimming, horse riding, and a myriad of other enriching endeavours.

We express our heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support that made these experiences possible. Here’s to the collective effort that made these field trips a resounding success!

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