February 2024


This term’s CCC took place on Thursday, January 25th, and focused on “Time and Task Management – Working between Home and School.” Parents were invited to engage in activities aimed at identifying self-management and time management challenges faced by their children and to develop ideas for strategies to address them. A big thank you to participating parents.

MYP1-4 MAP Tests and MYP 5 Mock eAssessments

MAP assessments for MYP1-4 in Math, Science, English Reading, and English Language use took place from Tuesday, January 16th to Friday, January 19th. These assessments serve as diagnostic/formative tools, providing student progress insights without assigning percentages. MYP5 undertook the full mock assessments from February 12 to February 15, offering valuable exam practice and highlighting areas for focused study in the runup to the May eAssessments

MYP1-4 Student Toddle Portfolios and Student-Led Conferences (SLCs) – Friday, March 22

On Friday, March 22, students and parents will participate in SLCs, shifting the focus from summative grades to formative development of knowledge, understanding, and skills. During SLCs, students will showcase their development through selected work in a portfolio, along with their set goals.

The MYP1-4 Design Expo

The MYP1-4 Design Expo took place on Friday, February 9, providing students with an opportunity to showcase their design projects. The event, held in the auditorium, allowed students to explain their product creation process, aligning with the Design Cycle and the MYP’s Inquiry Cycle. Congratulations, to all students and Design teachers for their varied efforts! 


The latest CCC, held on Thursday, January 25, centered around the theme of “Approaches to Assessments.” During the session, parents actively participated in a brief quiz, sharing their perspectives on the nature of assessments at DP and A Levels. This interactive activity laid a strong groundwork for discussions on assessments and explored ways in which parental support can enhance our students’ academic performance. A heartfelt thank you to all the parents who participated in the event.

AS and A Levels, DP2 Mock Exams, and DP1 Formal Assessments

In February, our students in AS, A2, DP1, and DP2 are set to undergo their mock and formal assessments. DP1 and DP2 commenced their exams on February 8, while AS and A2 students started theirs on February 12. These mock exams provide them with valuable exposure to a formal and structured exam environment, preparing them effectively for the upcoming external exams in the May-June series.

MYP5 Parent Information Meeting

On February 9, we invited parents of MYP5 for an Information Meeting. This session is designed to discuss and navigate the academic journey of your child, focusing on a smooth transition from MYP to either the Diploma Programme (DP) or Cambridge A Levels. Such meetings are crucial in ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the forthcoming academic choices. Thank you to all those who attended.

Internship Programme for DP1 and AS Students

The Careers Team at Acorns International School is thrilled about the recent internship programme for DP1 and AS students, held from January 8th to 12th, 2024. This initiative marked a pivotal milestone in the career development journey of our students, offering transformative experiences and invaluable insights into diverse industries and career paths. Despite the one-week duration, students engaged with industry professionals, expressing gratitude for the enlightening and educational exposure to authentic work environments. Both students and supervisors acknowledged the challenge posed by the brief duration, emphasizing the need for extended opportunities for comprehensive exploration.

The success of the internship programme was made possible by the unwavering support of esteemed partners, to whom Acorns International School extends heartfelt gratitude. This collaboration includes organizations such as Achelis (Uganda) Limited, Wispro (Uganda) Limited, the International Rescue Committee, and others, committed to nurturing the future workforce.

The programme has proven instrumental in shaping students’ career aspirations and providing invaluable real-world insights. The Careers Team eagerly anticipates continued collaboration with partners to offer enriching learning experiences. Additionally, the team remains dedicated to assisting learners in making informed career choices, encouraging the AIS community to stay tuned for upcoming events, including university fairs and career-related sessions. Through guidance and support, Acorns International School aims to empower students to explore and pursue fulfilling career paths.


The topic we have covered during the first half of Term 2 is Personal Hygiene. Addressing personal hygiene with teenagers is crucial for several reasons, as it plays a significant role in their physical health, social interactions, and overall well-being. Some key reasons why it’s important to address personal hygiene with teenagers are:

  • Proper personal hygiene practices, such as regular bathing, dental care, and skin care, contribute to maintaining good health. These habits help prevent infections, skin issues, and dental problems, promoting overall well-being.
  • Maintaining good personal hygiene enhances self-esteem and confidence, positively impacting their mental and emotional well-being.
  • Good personal hygiene is a social norm, and practicing it helps teenagers feel more socially accepted and integrated into their peer groups.
  • Addressing and maintaining good hygiene habits can prevent social stigmatization and contribute to a positive social environment for teenagers.
  • Teaching teenagers about personal hygiene also instills a sense of respect for themselves and others. Understanding the importance of cleanliness and consideration for personal space contributes to positive social interactions.

 As a parent, navigating personal hygiene with your child can sometimes be challenging, given the physical and emotional changes they’re experiencing. Here are some pieces of advice for parents concerning personal hygiene for their children:

Foster an open and non-judgmental line of communication. Discuss the changes associated with adolescence, emphasizing that personal hygiene is a normal part of growing up. If your child has questions or concerns about their changing body or personal care routines, be supportive and understanding. Provide guidance without judgment. If there are specific hygiene concerns, address them tactfully and privately. Focus on finding solutions rather than emphasizing the issue.

  • Ensure your child has the necessary tools and products for personal hygiene, such as deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, sanitary pads, shaver, haircare, and skincare items. It is not only about making sure the products are there, you also have to teach them how to use these products appropriately.
  • Encourage your child to take responsibility for their personal hygiene. As they transition to adulthood, fostering independence in self-care is essential.
  • Offer positive reinforcement when you notice that your child takes initiative with their personal hygiene. Acknowledge their efforts and celebrate the establishment of healthy habits.
  • Remember that each child is unique, and their approach to personal hygiene may vary. Patience, understanding, and a supportive attitude can go a long way in guiding your child through this important aspect of self-care.


The first half of the term has been successful and I am excited to share some of the remarkable achievements in the areas of Service Learning and Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS).

DofE Clubs

Our students have actively participated in Tuesday and Thursday clubs, where they honed new skills, embraced innovation, reflected on their experiences, and developed leadership skills. These sessions also provided collaborative opportunities, fostering outstanding qualities that position our students competitively on a global scale.

We introduced the Red Cross club and are honoured to be part of the Red Cross community where we serve one another and deliver quality and sustainable humanitarian assistance. I urge more students to sign up in the upcoming terms. Additionally, we are also offering crafting (jewellery and origami making and crocheting). Students have already started getting ready for the upcoming World Scholars Cup competition from March 25 to 27.

Outdoor Adventures: DofE trips

MYP-4, DP1, DP2, AS, and A2 students recently embarked on a successful practice journey, bravely venturing beyond their comfort zones. Demonstrating their skills through activities like cooking, tent-pitching, trekking, and tree planting, they showcased their capabilities. An exciting milestone was achieved as our school proudly celebrates its first-ever gold participants, a clear testament to the dedication and accomplishments of our students. From February 16-20, 2024, our students gear up for their qualifying adventurous journey in Kabale and Mabira Forest. Our first Gold participants will be going to Kabale and also completing their residential project.

Community Project

MYP3 students have initiated their community project journey by visiting Katoogo village and identifying genuine needs within the community. Through collaborative efforts to devise solutions, they diligently document their progress in process journals. Presently, the students are in the planning stage, gearing up for the action and implementation phase.

Their commitment is evident in various fundraising initiatives, including part-time jobs, showcasing not only their determination to raise funds but also their dedication to improving communication and social skills. The school expresses gratitude to the parents for their unwavering support and for providing essential resources needed for the successful implementation of the community project.

Service Internship

Scheduled for February 26-27, 2024, MYP4 students will embark on service internships at Mukisa Foundation, Dawn Special School, Red Cross Uganda, and Sanyu Babies Home. This initiative aligns with the MYP curriculum’s Service as Action component, encouraging students to actively engage, reflect, and consider the ethical implications of their actions.

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)


The DP2 students meticulously organized a CAS Fest during the PTO Family Fun Day, and the event turned out to be a resounding success. Their dedication and perseverance were evident, showcasing their ability to plan and initiate a CAS experience. Working collaboratively, they ensured the event’s success and demonstrated their commitment to making a positive impact.

The CAS Fest is an annual event wherein DP2 students raise funds for their CAS project. This year’s project involves constructing a kitchen for the Mukisa Foundation, reflecting their altruistic goals and a desire to contribute meaningfully to the community.

CAS trip to Lisbon, Portugal

We are excited to be invited to the global student exchange programme in Portugal. This event will see schools from around the world coming to tackle issues such as environmental protection, and cultural heritage, and actively engaging with local NGOs and organizations, as well as engaging in Creativity, Activity, and Service experiences. We look forward to the enriching and memorable experience in Lisbon.

I wish you a restful and reflective midterm break.

Fiona Makena

Service Coordinator


IB Global Youth Fund Project

The Global Action Youth Fund (GAYF) is an IB initiative to encourage innovation among IB MYP students, the Initiative strives to ensure the attainment of the UN SDGs through funding students projects and initiatives geared towards attaining any of the UN SDGs. Awarding of the fund depends on 3 three criteria- Impact, Stage of project, and Collaboration.

AIS students took up this prestigious project as part of their MYP3 Community Project. A few of MYP3 students will collaborate with Pearl Primary School, Mukono to set up a greenhouse so that the students of that school have access to healthy, nutritious food during their school days. Their purpose and goal are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger.  We acclaim their attitude of “giving it back” and hope to assist them in their endeavour.

Artistic Exploration: Reflecting on the Academic Gallery Visit by AS and IBDP Students

Integral to our curriculum, AS and IBDP art students recently engaged in a transformative visit to the Umoja Gallery in Bukoto on February 3. This excursion served as a pivotal moment for learners to submerge themselves in the realm of art and unleash their creativity.

The primary objective was to meet the requirements of their art courses by immersing in direct experiences with art. Encouraged to engage directly with original artworks, students were prompted to delve deeply into their chosen themes while meticulously documenting their insights. This marked a juncture where theory seamlessly merged with practice, allowing students to apprehend the core of artistic expression beyond the classroom confines.

Notably, for our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) Visual Arts student, this visit carried extra significance. Attending the gallery exhibition played a crucial role in enhancing her understanding of curation. The skill honed during her time at the gallery holds immense value as she gears up to curate her own exhibition within the school premises—a vital component of her final Internal Assessment.

TEDx Participation: A Memorable Venture

Our school recently made its debut in a virtual conference, joining forces with Alpamys School from Kazakhstan in a collaborative exploration. The theme that anchored our discussions was “Elevate Your Existence: A Journey to Better Living.” Each student was allotted a compact of 5-7 minutes to deliver a speech, passionately delving into the pursuit of a better life.

The diverse array of topics covered included:

Time Management – Prisha Patel shared, “The TEDx conference provided a thrilling experience. Despite the short notice to prepare my speech, I found it enjoyable. Stepping out of my comfort zone was both challenging and rewarding.”

Journaling – Tanya Apolot expressed, “This experience was a lesson in confidence and improved writing skills. It made the entire venture remarkable.”

Mental Well-being – Elsa Kaze reflected, “My TEDx presentation was an exquisite experience, a moment of learning and enjoyment. I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity.”

Self-expression – Yusra Kasujja shared, “The experience was intriguing. Despite initial nervousness and a few mistakes, it proved to be a valuable learning opportunity. Plus, I had the chance to make some new friends, which added to the overall positive experience.”

Time Management (again) – Sharin Sultana concluded, “We eagerly anticipate participating in numerous upcoming TEDx conferences, both in virtual and physical settings.”