December 2023


Dear AIS Family, 

As we approach the end of the remarkable first term of the academic year 2023 – 24, I am filled with pride and gratitude for the incredible efforts and achievements of our students, staff, and parents. It has been a period of growth, learning, and collaboration that truly exemplifies the spirit of our Acorns International School community. The video featuring my esteemed staff member, Ms. Jackie profoundly encapsulates the emotions that have unfolded throughout this term. 

We are excited to share with our community the celebration of Acorns International School (AIS) achieving membership status with the Council for International Schools (CIS). We are now part of a collaborative global community consisting of 1,444 schools and universities in 121 countries.

This remarkable accomplishment underscores our dedication to providing a world-class education that aligns with international standards. We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who contributed to this achievement – our passionate teachers, dedicated staff, engaged parents, committed board members, and, of course, our amazing students. This journey wouldn’t have been possible without your unwavering support. 

In addition to this huge landmark, students have been engaged in various academic and non-academic endeavours. Whether it’s in the classrooms writing assessments, in assemblies on stage or the sports field, in the arts, or through community service and donation drives, their passion and talent shine bright. We are proud to see them develop into well-rounded individuals who contribute meaningfully to our community.

Our devoted team of educators and all staff members persistently inspire and guide our students with an unwavering commitment. What sets our staff apart is their continuous engagement in professional development, both within our school and on an international scale. They embody the true essence of being lifelong learners, recognizing themselves as students first and foremost, and then educators.

We were thrilled to host our 3-Way Conferences in our newly-completed Secondary Block. This gave an opportunity for all our students and parents to tour the new campus and students were given their locker keys.  Wishing you all a happy festive season as we excitedly await the bright future of our AIS Family! 


Dear AIS Community,

As we bid adieu to Term 1, I find great pleasure in pausing to reflect on the remarkable journey we have collectively undertaken within the rich tapestry of our IB Continuum School. It has been an honour to witness the commendable growth and unwavering dedication displayed by our students, educators, and the entire school community.

In our commitment to lifelong learning, I trust that readers have been attentive to the updates provided by our Curriculum Coordinators on the ongoing processes leading up to our IB Evaluation. This term, our dedicated teachers and administrative team successfully concluded the Self-Evaluation, marking a significant milestone. Looking ahead, we are eager to progress further by identifying specific areas within our programs that warrant refinement to align more closely with IB Standards and Practices to create Programme Development Plans(PDPs). We will soon seek community input, and we anticipate sharing more details on how you can actively contribute to the future development of AIS.

I am delighted to share that with the comprehensive integration of Toddle school-wide, we are systematically enhancing our practices to boost productivity. Starting from Term 2, our admissions paperwork is making a transition to a digital platform. This strategic move aims to promote sustainability, efficiency, and seamless collaboration between our administrative and academic teams.

To facilitate the transition for our existing students into this digital system, families will receive a link in January to update their children’s information. This process not only enables us to capture essential data digitally but also ensures the rectification of any discrepancies that may have occurred over time, such as changes in emergency contacts, parent emails, phone numbers, allergies, and more. Further details on this initiative will be communicated to you in January, so please stay tuned.

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On November 20, our dedicated Staff In-Service Day centred around enhancing teaching quality and student learning. Teachers delved into Active Learning Professional Development, recognizing its pivotal role in fostering inquiry-based learning. Through hands-on exploration of various Active Learning methods, educators aimed to refine students’ thinking, collaboration, investigation, problem-solving, and creative skills.

As we approach the upcoming term, I extend my gratitude for your continued support and collaboration. Together, let us embrace the exciting developments that lie ahead, shaping the future of AIS as a thriving community of learners.

Wishing you a restful break and looking forward to the opportunities that await us in the new term.

Rachelle Hale-Molo
Deputy Head of School
Email: [email protected]


During Term 1, the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) actively participated in various impactful events, fostering the holistic development and support of our students.

A highlight was the ‘PTO Coffee Morning,’ where parents engaged in discussions about the DP & AS, A Levels student internships. 

The PTO played a crucial role in the ‘Talent Hunt,’ efficiently organizing and managing the sale of snacks. Additionally, they were integral to the success of the school’s ‘Global Fest on Global Village Event,’ dedicating time, effort, and resources.

The monthly ‘Home Clothes Day,’ occurring on the first Friday, added a fun touch as students could wear their favourite outfits with a small UGX 2000 donation supporting PTO activities. 

For suggestions or queries, contact the PTO Chairperson at [email protected].

 Wishing everyone joyful holidays and season’s greetings!

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Annie Pink
PTO Chairperson
Email: [email protected]


Spain Trip Reflections 

Our U13 Boys’ and U15 Girls’ teams embarked on an exciting journey to Barcelona, Spain, for the World Schools Football Cup competitions this October. Being our inaugural participation in this prestigious event, both students and accompanying teachers, along with their parents, experienced a myriad of valuable lessons. The attached video not only captures the thrilling highlights of our teams’ performances but also provides insightful reflections shared by the students themselves.

Talent Hunt 2023

AIS proudly hosted the sixth edition of the Inter-School Talent Hunt in November, at our auditorium. Alongside Acorns International School, this event welcomed five other schools. Participants showcased their talents in categories such as Dance, Drama, Vocals, and Instrumental. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our winning students:
• Rida Lalani and Alina secured first place in the U19 Dance
• Faith Okeyo excelled in the U18 Drama
• Luna Muharemi claimed second place in U9 Vocals
• Elsa, Yassimina, and Tiphaine secured second place in U14 Vocals
• Kaala Kizito secured third place in U14 Vocals
• Moses Walugembe earned second place in the U14 Instrumental category
• Haelger Kugonza triumphed first place in the U18 Instrumental category
• Haelger, Jordana, and Serenity clinched first place in the U19 Vocals category

Alliance Francaise Kampala Partnership Renewal

In a commitment to elevate French language education at our school, AIS continues its partnership with Alliance Francaise Kampala (AFK). Collaborating with the French Embassy (Uganda). This partnership facilitates exchange programs, allowing our teachers to interact with AFK’s resources and vice versa and aids in preparing for DELF exams.. Students benefit from subsidized fees for internationally recognized French exams (DELF Prim international exams), providing them with globally recognized certificates. Mr. Eriz Torzi, the director of Alliance Francaise, visited AIS to formalise the renewal of this valuable partnership.

AIS Sports Week 2023 has been an incredible celebration of inclusivity and sportsmanship! Our inclusive approach aimed to instill a deeper appreciation for sports throughout our community, fostering joy, laughter, and camaraderie across the entire campus.

Highlights include the U16 Girls’ Football Team triumphing 1-0 against the ladies’ staff football team, and the male teaching staff securing victory with a 51-38 win over the U20 Boys’ Basketball team. Special mention to the Secondary Department Netball Team for clinching victory in the Departmental Netball Challenge.

These engaging games have left us rejuvenated and energized for each day’s work. Thank you to all participants, staff, and organizers for making AIS Sports Week an unforgettable celebration of teamwork, competition, and the joy of sports.

Heartfelt appreciation goes to the numerous parents who turned up in large numbers to support our teams throughout the Sports Week festivities.  Let the spirit of sportsmanship continue to thrive in our vibrant AIS community!

To see the how individual departments flourished during sports week, read through respective Department News and Updates below.

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Henry Kalanzi
HoD Specialties
Email: [email protected]


We believe that all children have the right to be safe and protected in our society. At AIS, we recognise that it is our responsibility to not only ensure the welfare of our students while on campus, but also when they are with caretakers, parents, and guardians. Our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy outlines the measures we take to ensure our students’ emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Since AIS has grown rapidly over the last few years, we have introduced DSOs in the latest version of this policy. The primary goal of DSOs is to ensure that there is a comprehensive Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy in place at the school and to monitor the effectiveness of the program. In accordance with best practice, AIS has assigned appropriately trained DSOs to provide training to the staff body, monitor and track all concerns and provide support and follow-up on concerns regarding our students’ well-being.

If you see or suspect anything with regard to the safety and security concern,  communicate it to a DSO or fill out the ‘Child Protection Concern Report’.

Please get familiar by having a look at our latest Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy. Click here to download PDF


Head of School 
Ms. Ameena

Deputy Head of School 
Ms. Rachelle

Head of Early Years
Ms. Andi

Head of Primary
Ms. Shallon

Head of Secondary
Ms. Shirin

Primary Counsellor
Ms. Emma

Secondary Counsellor
Ms. Lieke


After-School Clubs

Following notable competitions and students’ achievements last year, our Ballet Club had the opportunity to participate in an initiative for sickle-cell awareness called “A Ballet of Hope” this term. Stay tuned for the sign-up forms for next term’s after-school clubs on Toddle.

Health Checks

Never a dull moment during our health check activities! This term’s dental health check was a success, sparking reflection on oral health habits and choices. Thank you to all parents/guardians for supporting these initiatives.

Exit Cards

We appreciate your ongoing efforts. To ensure safety for those without cards, please reach out via [email protected] or the Administration office. Ensure timely communication with your child’s HoD or the Administration office for changes in student pickup arrangements.

Lunches / Lunch Drop-offs

Watch for the lunch forms on Toddle for sign-up if your child opts for school lunch. The lunch drop-off policy remains unchanged, ensuring smooth daily routines. Please send students with their lunches during drop-off if they do not opt for school lunch.

Cordial festive wishes! May your celebrations and break be joyous and restful. Thank you for all your support this term.

Rosyelene Ampumuza
HoD Administration
Email: [email protected]


In the first week of November, AISA organised a Professional Learning Institute (PLI) at the International Community School (ICS) of Addis Ababa, bringing together Heads of Admissions and Advancement from across the continent. Beyond the sheer pleasure of meeting counterparts, the two-day workshop emerged as a valuable opportunity for the exchange of best practices. Significantly, it solidified our resolve to transition our enrollment process into the digital realm, aligning with sustainability and environmental consciousness.

As detailed in Ms. Rachelle’s note, starting in January 2024, we will introduce a Google Form for both existing and new students. This Form will serve as a platform for you to furnish the latest information about each student and their respective families. Concurrently, we wish to underscore the critical importance of accurately sharing a student’s name with the school. This ensures that the name appears consistently on reports and formal documentation. For future reference, particularly in university applications, we stress the need for alignment between the names provided and the official order on your national identification documents to prevent any potential confusion.

In the spirit of the season, we extend warm wishes for a Merry Christmas to all those celebrating, and a joyous New Year ahead!

Nishitha Shrivastava
HoD Admissions & Advancement
Email: [email protected]


Dear AIS Community,

As we wrap up this term, it’s a joy to reflect on the incredible productivity and teamwork that has defined our term. Together, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones and created a positive impact on our students’ lives while also remaining lifelong learners and striving for continuous improvement. 

Celebrating wins, both big and small, has been a priority through our appreciation week, rewards for performance and monthly birthday celebrations to mention a few, which fosters a sense of unity and accomplishment. Congratulations to our outstanding Employees of the Month – your dedication inspires us all. As we head into a well-deserved holiday break, let’s cherish these moments of success and recharge for the adventures ahead. I wish each member of our AIS family a restful holiday season filled with joy and rejuvenation.

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Lynn Bugaari Muhangi
HoD Human Resource
Email: [email protected]



  • Term II fees are due by January 16, 2024. If you have any queries, kindly contact the Finance Department at +256 754 202 667 or email [email protected].
  • Delayed fee payments incur a 5% surcharge. If you have not opted for School Lunch, kindly ignore that component in your invoice.
  • AIS offers a 15% reduction on one term’s fee following the introduction of a newly enrolled student.
  • For fee payments made in the bank, we request you to email the receipt to [email protected] .

After-School Care

  • After-school care is also payable at a casual rate of $5 per 30 minutes.
  • Regular After-School Care hours end at 5:30 p.m. Students picked after this time will be charged at the rate of $5 per 15 minutes.

Transport Facility

  • We now have 3 new spacious 40-seater school buses. For any inquiries related to the school transport facilities kindly contact the Finance Department at +256 754 202 667 or email [email protected] .

Bank Requirement

  • As per the bank requirements, please note that US dollar series 2012 and below; and denominations with any type of mark or scribbling will not be acepted.

Binal Patel
HoD Finance
Email: [email protected]



As we come to the close of an incredible term filled with joy and learning, we’re pleased to note the amazing strides our little learners have made! From mastering shapes and colours to exploring the wonders of storytelling, their growth has been a joy to witness. Their curiosity and creativity have reached new heights and their knowledge and skills have grown significantly since we began the school year in August.

As we approach the holidays, we extend our warm wishes for a joyful and restful break. Thank you for entrusting us with your children’s growth. Here’s to the close of Term 1, a lovely holiday intermission, and a wonderful season of learning ahead in Term 2!

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Andi Haskins
Head of Early Years
Email: [email protected]


As Term 1 concludes, I’m thrilled to celebrate our vibrant community at Acorns International School. Our learners have embraced the IB spirit, demonstrating curiosity, empathy, and academic growth. From engaging Units of Inquiry to enriching community events like Units in Action and Class Assemblies, we’ve fostered a global perspective; all these have stretched our students to greater heights.

Thanks to our dedicated teachers, staff, and active PTO for their contributions.

As we conclude this extended term, we wish to express our appreciation for the dedication shown by both our students and parents. In recognition of their hard work, we have decided not to assign any homework. Our sincere hope is that every family can cherish this period by connecting, celebrating, and rejuvenating together!

As we enter the holiday season, let’s reflect on our collective achievements and the joy of learning. Looking ahead, Term 2 promises more exciting opportunities for growth and collaboration.

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Shallon Baguma
Head of Primary
Email: [email protected]


Parents, Students, and Families,

We have reached the first milestone of this academic year. It is time to reflect on the incredible journey, celebrate our students’ achievements, acknowledge their efforts, and encourage them to strive for even greater success. Your feedback and involvement in our school community are crucial for shaping the holistic development of our students.

In this newsletter, you can gain insight into our first-ever Secondary family check-in meeting, receive information on bag checks, learn about parent information meetings, discover service projects and field trips, get updates on DELF examinations, and stay informed about DofE clubs, career pathways, and much more.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the parents, families, and teachers for providing outstanding opportunities to our students and for inspiring and empowering each other as a community to achieve our best. I wish you all a much-needed restful and rejuvenating term-end break.

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Shirin Bagchi
Head of Secondary
Email: [email protected]