February 2022


We cannot say this enough, but we are truly grateful for physical classes resuming. The wait was long, but the fruits borne were sweet. The giggles and gaiety are truly heart-warming. We do not take this new chapter for granted, and would like to thank you staff, parents and students for helping us in curbing the spread of COVID 19. I am so proud to be part of this community. Thank you for being open-minded, even when we have to unexpectedly move online or you have to keep students home when they are unwell. We acknowledge and appreciate your support. 

In the first few weeks, we saw attendance ranging from 75 – 85% going up to 90+% now. This proves that student turnout was encouraging and the children are absolutely overjoyed to be back at school. Students, parents and teachers’ feelings, about being back to school, were recorded in the first week of return. Hope you enjoyed watching it.

The festive mood is never ending at AIS campus, as students met each other and their teachers after a long gap of almost two years. This newsletter is pure evidence of that and the sheer joy of witnessing this happiness firsthand.

Also, AIS is now a 25-years-old institution, carving a niche for bringing exemplary, world-class international educational standards to Uganda. AIS has journeyed from being a Preschool in 1996 in Nakasero, to an International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum World School, in a sprawling 5-acre, purpose-built, campus that nurtures the holistic and balanced development of each child, be it 18-month-old or an 18-year-old.

I have grown as an academician and leader through this journey too. I can only be  grateful to the whole school community for accepting me and helping me grow along with the AIS campus here in Kisasi and in Kigali (Rwanda), and Oak campus in Bunga.  Such exponential growth under my tutelage is a true honour.


Early Childhood

We are so happy with how this Term is progressing.  Finally, we can physically explore, learn and play with our students.  Both, students and teachers, missed school and the daily routine that goes along with it. The energy we feel in the classrooms and in the hallways is incredible!  

In the Early Childhood Department, students’ numbers are increasing day-by-day. To make sure that every student remains to get enough teacher’s attention, space to explore, and teacher guidance, we had to open up a new stream for EC1, EC2, and Reception.  

Covid-wise, we would like to thank you for keeping our EC Department safe by keeping your child home with any of the symptoms like cough, flu, temperature, etc.  We appreciate your honesty and your transparent communication with us.  On that note, we want to encourage parents to ensure that their child is having a balanced diet. This will help build their immunity so that they can fight common colds and flu. 

We have noticed that some Reception Class students are still not wearing a school uniform. As per our school policy, all students from Reception onwards should wear a uniform daily.
If your child doesn’t have a uniform yet, kindly email [email protected] to purchase one.


It was January 10, when students returned to campus after being online for almost two years. It has been exciting and fulfilling to see them engage in many activities during their face-to-face instruction. They have continued to have fun as they learn. They have been open-minded, reflective and lifelong learners. 

Each day, I am inspired by the student’s eagerness to participate in every school activity and to follow SOPs as guided by the teachers. Book Week, Internal Assessments, and House Captains Elections were a huge success, and we now look forward to the same enthusiasm for Talent Hunt and Sports Week.

Uniform, Drop off and Pick up time reminders

I would like to remind you that uniforms are mandatory for every student, so kindly send them in the full school uniform after midterm break. If you need to order uniforms, please email [email protected]. Please also note that the first session in Primary is at 8:00 am, please ensure students are not late for this session. Similarly, all PYP classes end at 3:30 pm. We do not offer daycare anymore, so parents/ guardians should endeavor to pick their children before 4:00 pm. 


We have had a wonderful journey of teaching-learning so far. We take this opportunity to thank parents for their support and cooperation. Maintaining SOPs is still one of our priorities. Hence, we would like to remind the Secondary parents of the following-

Secondary Pick Up Time – Secondary students can be picked 4:15 pm onwards, but no later than 4.45 pm. If you have children in both Secondary and Primary, we implore you to stay in the car till 4.15 PM. This would help us maintain the COVID 19 protocols and SOPs in place. 

Secondary Uniform– In our AIS community, we have high expectations about how our students dress and present themselves. 

Every Secondary student is expected to wear the school’s formal uniform from Monday to Thursday. 

On a Friday, students can wear navy blue trousers (Not jeans or leggings) with the school polo t-shirts. Students are expected to bring their PE kit to school and change for the PE lesson. 

The uniform and sports kit requirements are listed below: 

  • Navy blue school shirt with a school tie.
  • School jumper with school logo.
  • Beige trousers (not jeans or jeggings or leggings or tracks), with plain white (not patterned) socks. 
  • Black shoes (not trainers)

  • Navy blue school shirt with a school tie.
  • School jumper with school logo.
  • A loose-fitting navy-blue skirt (no shorter than 2” below the knee. Lycra tube style skirts are not permitted).
  • Natural coloured or beige trousers (not jeans, jeggings, or leggings or tracks), with plain white (not patterned) socks.
  • Black shoes (no trainers).
  • Earrings – Must be plain studs.
  • Headscarves should be one of the following colours: Navy, Maroon or Black


We started the virtual ‘Coffee with Curriculum Coordinators (CCC)’ with a short presentation about the Learning Support Services (LSS) at Acorns International School. This presentation included the introduction of the LSS team and some more information on what this team does in the Early Childhood Department.  

The rest of our CCC focused on Floppy Phonics and Write Dance. These topics were chosen as they are the newest additions to the Early Childhood Curriculum.  

Floppy Phonics is a Phonics program that offers practical guidance and multi-sensory resources.  It teaches the alphabetical code, which enables the children to read, write and spell. At Crèche, EC 1, and EC 2, students are exposed to the program, while Reception students are fully immersed in it. 

Write Dance is an innovative program that uses music and movement to get children excited about improving their handwriting skills. This multi-sensory approach is designed to help children feel happy and comfortable in their bodies whilst learning and exploring the fundamental gross and fine motor movements for writing. 

Both, Floppy Phonics and Write Dance, fit our play-based curriculum as they are hands-on, engaging students, and most of all fun! 

As we have started Term 2 with classes back on campus, we are excited to fully engage students in our Guided Reading Programme. Family members who joined our Primary Coffee with Curriculum Coordinator (CCC) event learned more about why we choose to do Guided Reading, the programme we use and tips for supporting reading at home.

A notable change this term, you will start to see Guided Reading on your child’s Primary Report Card. If you missed the session and would like to learn more, the recording was posted to your child’s Google Classroom.

This MYP Coffee with Curriculum Coordinator introduced the various support services for Secondary students. The various support services available in Secondary are-

The Learner Support Team for academic support.

The Counsellor for social and emotional well being.

The Career Pathways Team   for career plans, subject choice and guidance in further studies and university applications.

Upcoming careers pathways activities in MYP:

FEB – Pathways curriculum Class sessions (MYP 1-5)

MAR – 1-2-1 student guidance sessions (MYP 3&5)

APR – 3-way sessions with parents and students (MYP 3&5)

MAY – MYP 4 – Subject choices (MYP 3)

– DP/A level – Subject choices (MYP 5)

CCC – Career Pathways And Counselling Services at AIS

This CCC focused on Careers Pathways, University Admissions and Counselling Services at AIS.

The careers timelines and important dates, upcoming career events and fairs and university counselling services at AIS were highlighted.

Please find the link below to find the recording to the Meeting

CCC – Career Pathways And Counselling Services at AIS


Early Childhood

It was a fun week for EC! Each class focused on a specific story: 

  • Crèche: Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Robert Southey
  • EC 1 Cheetahs: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  • EC 2 Cranes: Elmer the Patchwork Elephant by David McKee
  • EC 2 Ostriches: The Tiger who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr
  • Reception Giraffes: Toffee’s New Friend by Sally Chambers 
  • Reception Hippos: The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
  • Reception Elephants: Funny Fish by Cynthia Rider 

Every day of the week, students enjoyed the story with a different approach: 

  • Monday: Students decorated a book cover according to their class story. 
  • Tuesday: Teachers converted their storybook into a big puppet show
  • Wednesday: Students had a closer look at the story’s characters.  They drew, coloured, and painted them. 
  • Thursday: Students already heard the class story a couple of times.  They looked for a great spot outside and instead of the teacher reading them the story, it was up to the students to tell the story by looking at the pictures. 
  • Friday: Students could dress up as their favourite characters. Students’ fantasies were enormous!


Primary students were involved in a lot of fun-reading-related activities. These included book writing, DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read), reading buddies, and word-building games. Students also donated books to the NGO Nyaka Foundation. To conclude the event, students were involved in a Spelling Bee Competition on Friday, January 21, 2022. Winners of the Spelling Bee received certificates and bookmarks. On Friday, students also dressed as their favourite book characters. It was a fun-filled event! 


Secondary students celebrated the joy of reading through various activities such as DEAR time, Reading Buddy to PYP students, Drawing book and cartoon characters and dressed up as their favourite book characters. 

This was also an opportunity for them to sharpen their literary skills by participating in Secondary Essay Competition. 

Congratulations to the winners of Book week essay Competition winners-

Spelling Bee Winners

Nyaka Foundation Book Donation


MYP Inter- Disciplinary Unit (IDU)

MYP students celebrated the completion of their Interdisciplinary Units on Wednesday, February 9, 2022. Students took this opportunity to showcase their perspectives, ideas and reflections across subjects such as Design, Individuals and Societies, English, Drama, Sciences, French and even Physical and Health Education. 

While MYP2 students designed a radio show on music that they had made using a broadcasting app, MYP4 explored dance movements towards healthy lifestyle using French music as inspiration. 

MYP3 had a wonderful time diving into the antiquities of time, exploring the ancient games around the world using logic and mathematical models. 

MYP5 learnt all about designing a scientific investigation. 

MYP1 really outdid themselves by staging a drama – The Legend of Lwanda Magere, using their knowledge and observations from the unit on Myths and Legends in english. 

AS Students Fundraising

Our AS students are raising funds for the cancer patients at Mulago Cancer Institute. You will find them singing motivational and inspiring songs near the academic block everyday during the pick-up time. Your encouragement and support for this noble cause will inspire them to live the principle of service learning. 

These students inspired a PYP2 student to raise money for this cause too!!! Inspiring and Empowering, all the way!!!

MYP4 Internship

“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.” Immanuel Kant

At AIS, our vision is to inspire and empower young people. Meaningful and planned experiences provide a platform for our students to reflect and empathize with the world around them. With this aim, MYP4 had a two-day internship at MUKISA Foundation exploring how differently abled children learn and live. 

Duke of Edinburgh (DofE)

MYP4, MYP5, AS, A Levels and IBDP students went for a preparatory overnight trip to Mpigi. The trip is part of the AIS annual trips for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme. This year, the two trips will be undertaken for our students to achieve the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award. Such trips help our students to explore and develop empathy for the surrounding and the people, in their bid to become responsible global citizens.  


To commence the final year of the Primary Years Programme, our PYP6 class undergoes a rigorous Exhibition (PYPx). The PYPx requires learners to work together, research real-world issues and put their learning into action. Throughout this journey, the students are supported by parents, mentors and community members. During the PYP6 Parent Information Meeting, parents and students learnt more about this process and are excited to get started!

The MYP5 parents were invited to join an informative session on February 11, 2022 with IB MYP Curriculum Coordinator, Mr. Sam Weavers and IB DP and Cambridge A Levels Curriculum Coordinator, Mr. Kanyesigye Kenneth. The focus of the session was to highlight the academic path ahead at AIS- options available, curricula to choose from, university preparations, etc. 



Once again, our stage is teeming with talent! Students have come forward to present their pieces during the Talent Hunt 2022 auditions. You can meet the finalists on Saturday, March 5, 2022. During this intra-school competition, students will compete in four categories- Vocals, Instrumentals, Dance and Creative Arts. In a unique move this year, we have extended an invitation to parents who would like a slot during the finale to showcase (not compete) their talent to the community. 

If, for any reason, interested students have missed auditions, you can contact your homeroom teacher before February 21, 2022.


At AIS, we believe in conducting a wide variety of methods to evaluate, measure, and document the academic readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition, and/or educational needs of students. One such method is our PYP Internal Assessments. 

From January 24 to February 4, Primary students sat for assessments that were set by teachers to evaluate their skills in previously taught concepts. Subjects assessed were Language, Numeracy, French, Kiswahili, and ICT. These marks will be on the Term 2 Report Cards, but more importantly, serve as feedback for teachers to guide further instruction.

Every six months, students in MYP1-4 participate in MAP® (Measures of Academic Progress) tests in reading, language use, maths, and science. These are standardised tests, conducted on a computer, which track progress in various skill areas of these subjects. 

The next set of MAP tests for MYP1-4 will be conducted from February 21, 2022. Students should bring a computer with an up-to-date operating system, in order to participate in the tests without issues.

Mock eAssessment (From February 21st)

To better prepare the students of MYP5 for their upcoming MYP eAssessments, mock examinations on the following subjects will be held. 

  • Mathematics
  • Language and Literature
  • Chemistry
  • Biology/Physics
  • French
  • Humanities/History
  • Interdisciplinary

Between May 9 and May 20, MYP5 students will sit for the official, internationally-recognised final on-screen eAssessments for the MYP conducted externally by the IBO. 

April 2022 will mark the start of our AS, A2 and DP 2 official final external examinations from Cambridge and IBO for the Session of May – June 2022.

In a bid to support our candidates’ preparations for these exams, they will undertake Written Mock Exams across all subjects starting February 21, 2022.

DP 1 Mid-term Assessments

Assessment in the IB is a crucial component of supporting a student academic growth. Feedback from the Assessment helps teachers identify the learning gaps and misconceptions that students may have in order to inform and redirect the teaching and learning process. For this reason, our DP1 students will also undertake Mid-term Assessments starting February 21, 2022.

The official schedule for the examinations can be found in ManageBac.

Submission of Internal Assessments (IAs)

Currently, our DP2 candidates are completing their Internal Assessments (IA) in various subjects. All IAs are marked by the teachers in school and submitted to IB for moderation. 

The submission dates for the IA in different subjects can be found in ManageBac.



We are thrilled to have our assemblies offline. PYP3 was the first to take stage and their assembly performances were connected to their Units of Inquiry. PYP3 Polar Bears had a presentation on the qualities of a good role model. PYP3 Beavers presented about communication. They used sign language to tell the Learner Profile attributes. PYP3 Otters presented a poem about natural resources. 


In the Secondary Department, the weekly assembly has now shifted to the third lesson on Thursdays. The assemblies continue to create a platform for our students to celebrate their IB Learner Profile attributes through various activities including skits, social advocacy. MYP1G presented their class assembly on the theme of “Good Friends, Bad Friends” while MYP3S celebrated the Black History Month by presenting information about important activists.


On February 8, our students completed 100 days of school during this academic year.

Every department had their unique interpretation of this celebration, some reflective, some creative, some representative and many interpretative. Such a colourful celebration!  


February 4, 2022, was the first Friday of the month, and this was Home Clothes Day for all the students. Students were allowed to wear their favourite clothes at a small donation of 2000UGX to support the PTO. We are thankful to all parents for cooperating with the PTO to make this event successful this month. We also appreciate the PTO parent/staff volunteers who were available to welcome students on that day as they collected their contributions from the students.

Parent engagement in the child’s education is paramount to students’ learning. As PTO, we encourage fellow parents/guardians to continue getting involved in the child’s school life by actively engaging in all the school activities as highlighted on the school calendar. We appreciate the support rendered by all parents/guardians during the recently concluded book donation drive.

Another endeavour, as PTO, are the car stickers that we have printed. We look forward to meeting you at the AIS Entrance Gate after midterm break! 

Wish you a restful midterm break!

Godwin Kyegombe
  PTO Chair