June 2022


Dear AIS Family,

So much happened at Acorns International School (AIS) this year (especially since January 2022!) that putting it in writing will be an impossible task. However, I cannot resist mentioning two important milestones in the history of AIS:

  1. The first cohort of IBDP2 and Cambridge A Levels students graduated from AIS! This cohort will always remain special, as they will be the first ones! Their results are expected from the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge offices in early August. We will keep you posted about the same!
  2. The 25-year celebration of Acorns was another milestone that was celebrated with such warmth, fun, and flair. I thank each of you for your support, good wishes, heartwarming gifts and thoughtful messages. The day was filled with proud moments of accomplishments and achievements of the whole AIS community – students, parents, staff and the community at large!

Our Yearbook Reflections, which will soon follow, stands testimony to the eventful year that has been, and I am certain will make you proud to be part of the AIS community. 

However, as we end this academic year, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of so many of our students, staff and parents in the AIS community during this year. The extraordinary commitment made by all our staff, academic and support staff alike, means that we can continue to succeed and flourish as a learning community.

I am delighted to report that a vast majority of our teachers are returning to AIS next academic year, which ensures great stability, but some will move on to new opportunities. I wish them every success in the future and sincerely thank them for their contribution to our school and students.

The Senior Leadership Team has already commenced planning for the new academic year and we will return on August 15, 2022 (students will return on August 23, 2022) to prepare for a smooth start. There are no leavers in this team, but there is an addition. Ms. Rosyelene Ampumuza will be a new inclusion in our team of Heads of Departments in the next academic year. She will Head the Administration Department. Welcome, Ms. Rosyelene! Incase your query is related to summer camp, uniforms, school lunch, after-school clubs or daycare, please get in touch with her at [email protected]

The school administration offices will remain open throughout the holiday period, should you need to visit us. 

Finally, I wish all our AIS families all the very best for the summer holidays and look forward to welcoming you back, relaxed and refreshed for what promises to be an enjoyable and productive year.


They say, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” And the success was evident on June 18, when the AIS Families, new and old, arrived to celebrate the journey!!! 

Celebrating 25 years from The Acorns School in Nakasero to the current Acorns International School, was such a euphoric experience.

The evening was filled with laughter, joy and happiness. The evening was rapturous with student performances interspersed with heartwarming messages from former Heads of Schools and alumni, awards, rewards and of course the wonderful cultural flavour provided by our very own, Ndere troupe.

We look forward to building several more memories over the next 25!

Click on the image below to see more.

Click on the image below to see more.


New PTO Leadership in Term 3 

Mr. Godwin Kyegombe informed the PTO during the meeting held on Friday, April 26, 2022, that he won’t be able to continue his leadership as PTO Chairman because his family was relocating to the US.  The PTO deemed it necessary to appreciate his work by giving him a befitting send-off. He was presented with a cake and a gift from the Head of School. His phenomenal service to the school was highly appreciated by both PTO members and the School management.   

The PTO voted for new leaders to act till the tenure is done. These were: 

Ms. Harriet Sanyu Muwonge
Acting PTO Chairperson

Ms. Vanessa Thompson
Acting Treasurer

Home Clothes Day 

As usual, the first Friday of every month has been a PTO Home Clothes fundraising day. In a very unique twist this term, the PTO partnered with the PYP6 Action Project to donate all the funds amounting to UGX 1,195,000 raised during the June 2, 2022 Home Clothes Day to Sanyu Babies Home. We thank all the parents who have been supportive of our fundraising efforts this term. 

Teacher Appreciation Initiatives 

Teachers are as much a part of PTO initiatives. In keeping with this, the PTO deemed it necessary to be part of celebrating teachers’ birthdays every month. PTO has decided to provide a cake to facilitate the Teachers’ Monthly Birthday initiative.

On the same note, PTO has celebrated the Best Teachers across departments at AIS this term, best-performing teachers were voted by either fellow teachers or students and PTO appreciated them by giving a cash gift and a Certificate of Excellence. 

The following teachers were appreciated by PTO during the 25-year celebration on June 18:

  1. EC Department- Ms. Nayiga Agnes 
  2. Primary Department – Ms. Claire Rusoke 
  3. Secondary Department- Ms. Evelyn Nakawuka 

Student Appreciation Initiatives

PTO has also rewarded the House Team of the Year across departments by providing the following gifts.

EC- A writing pad and popcorn party 

Primary- A cake treat

Secondary- Book Gift Vouchers from Aristoc

Harriet Sanyu Muwonge
  PTO Chair


What a year!
In the first term, we started online. Students returned to campus in Terms 2 & 3, and our department began to grow again. However, we all had to readjust; parents, teachers, and students. We felt that students were not used to being at school anymore; the school routines, sharing with friends, and school discipline had to return to the children’s mindset.

Teachers were immensely grateful to be in the presence of the children again. Over and above, they were finally able to help and see them progress in person.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the parents, guardians, and students for making this year memorable. Without your efforts and support, our department would not be the same.
It was a transition year where many gaps had to be filled, but we made it!!!

Readiness Screening

Reception students participated in the Readiness Screening which consists of multiple mathematics, writing, reading and language tasks and an introduction session in PYP1. The purpose of these Readiness Screening tasks is to determine if the Reception students have mastered enough skills and knowledge to go to the Primary Department.


EC1 Assembly

The topic of this assembly was ‘A Healthy Community’.  The students dressed up as various community helpers and explained their roles in the community.  Students also danced and sang according to the theme.

Are you curious about our students’ knowledge regarding community helpers? You can rewatch the assembly here:

EC2 Assembly

The EC2 classes chose to do their assembly about plants.

All the EC classes came together to watch the assembly.  EC 2 students performed class by class and showed their knowledge about how to take care of plants, and the requirements for plants to grow.

You can watch a summary of this assembly here:

Introduction to Primary Section

Students enjoyed the introduction session where they had the chance to have a look into the PYP1 classrooms, meet the PYP1 teachers and engage in activities like real PYP1 students do. 

Safari Week

“Animals aren’t wild; they’re just free!” 

During this week, every class transformed into a specific National Park. Students learned facts about certain animals found in these National Parks. They created these animals and decorated their classrooms with them. 

Some National Parks represented: 

  • Masai Maara
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Lake Mburo National Park 
  • Kruger National Park
  • Mangroves National Park
  • Murchison Falls 
  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
  • Time+Tide Mchenja Camp
  • Tsavo National Park

On Friday, each class visited three other National Parks (classrooms). Here, the homeroom students explained the learned facts about their park and wild animals to their visitors.

Click on the image below to see gallery

Click on the image below to see gallery

Yirka Vinck
Head of Early Childhood Department
Email: [email protected]


I wish to congratulate the entire AIS family for completing this academic year successfully. The year started at a sprint, and it seems to have left many of us still trying to catch our breath. We have ended on a high note with all our PYP students showcasing excellent performances for their Celebration of Learning. We couldn’t have concluded the year differently. Thank you, students, for your hard work, enthusiasm and commitment throughout the school year. You have done lots of activities throughout the year, and you did so well. We are so proud of you!

I thank all the parents for their continued support, which has enabled us to reach greater heights.

As we end the academic year, we would like to say bye to our PYP6 class who are joining MYP1. We have had excellent moments together and wish them the best, as they move to another phase of their educational journey. On the same note, I would like to welcome the Reception Class students and parents to PYP1. We hope to work closely with you to get the best from this journey.

We wish you all a restful summer break and look forward to seeing you in August.

PYP6 to MYP Shadow Days

We will be sad to see our PYP 6 students move on to Secondary, but we know they are ready for the challenge. 

To help prepare our students so they understand the expectations of Secondary students, we provided “shadow” opportunities. These consisted of joining MYP 1 Language and Science lessons, participating in the MYP Design Expo, and attending a question and answer session with MYP 5 students and HODs.

Math Week

The PYP department teachers organised Math Week during the week of April 25- 29th, 2022. Teachers organised daily themes that will help students learn maths in very interesting ways. These themes were: Monday- Math Manipulatives Monday, Tuesday – Tally Tuesday, Wednesday- Word Story Wednesday, Thursday- Teacher Swap Thursday, Friday -Fun Challenge Friday.

Students found it interesting to learn maths with new teachers during the Swap Thursday.


Assessments assist in measuring the academic growth of students. All students in PYP took their MAP and Internal Assessments from May 23- June 2. I am happy that we are noticing a lot of growth in the students’ performance, especially in reading. I encourage students to continue reading even during the break to enjoy all the benefits that go with reading and its importance in the larger scheme.

Shallon Baguma
Head of Primary Department
Email: [email protected]


What a year it has been for our Secondary students! As we look back and reminisce over the year, we would look back with pride and smiles of achievements. So many first- First Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Awards, first MYP Design Expo, first-ever Interdisciplinary Presentations, and our FIRST IB DIPLOMA PROGRAMME AND A LEVELS GRADUATES. A year to reckon with for sure.

Through all this, our students have got various platforms to sharpen their ATL skills and the key skills of the 21st century.
All of this would not be possible without the support and cooperation of our parent community. Thank you, for the support and help extended whenever we reached out to you. We look forward to working closely in the days to come as well.

Going forward, we look towards strengthening our curricula and making it more vibrant and dynamic.

At AIS, students’ needs have always been given the foremost priority. We are introducing Spanish as a Language Acquisition subject in the secondary to enrich our Language Acquisition curriculum. We are partnering with eminent career guidance teams to create and provide a complete, cohesive career guidance curriculum across our MYP and IBDP and Cambridge programmes.

On behalf of all our teachers, we wish you all a wonderful and blessed holiday.

MYP1 – 4 Design Expo

MYP1 to 4 students had the chance to show off their design projects to parents, students and teachers in the auditorium

Over 50 groups presented their products linked to the Sustainable Development Goals, such as T-shirts with a social message, the evolution of radio, artificial light production etc.

Students were able to educate visitors about how their product creation process followed the Design Cycle: Inquiring and Analysing, Developing Ideas, Creating the solution and Evaluating.

This process underpins all design projects and is closely linked to the inquiry cycle used throughout the MYP.

Congratulations to the students and the Design teachers!

MYP1 – Click on image for more

MYP2 – Click on image for more

MYP3 – Click on image for more

MYP4 – Click on image for more

MYP5 eAssessments

MYP 5 students sat their final IB assessments over the course of two weeks in May. We eagerly await the results on August 1st.

Having chosen the next step in their educational journey now is the time for them to take a well-earned break!

MYP3 Subject Selection

MYP3 students received group and individual guidance on what subject they could choose in MYP 4. To inform these choices it was useful to get an idea of possible careers and university courses.

The selections were:

  • Geography or History
  • Art, Music or Design
  • Two sciences

A huge thanks to the parents who got involved and attended meetings to help their children explore options and make informed decisions.

Thank you also for getting your selection forms back on time.

External Exams

From April to June this year, our IBDP and Cambridge students took their final IB and Cambridge external exams. While the Cambridge exams ran from the 21st of April to the 10th of June, the IBDP students began their external exams on April 28th and continued until May 20th. As we excitedly anticipate the results on July 15 for IBDP and August 15 for Cambridge A levels, it is hoped that all of their hard work has paid off.

MYP5 Subject Selection

MYP 5 students got subject selection forms on May 26, 2022, to assist them in making the best decisions for their next stage in life.

I would like to thank all of the parents who signed up for sessions and participated in the subject-choosing process.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to reserve a session, please do so before July 8, 2022, by clicking the link below.

MYP 5 Subject Selection meetings

Best wishes for the holidays!

Prom Night

The AIS Prom was part of our academic calendar in 2020 and was unfortunately shelved due to the pandemic. This year, we were finally able to host this event, which was entirely planned and executed by our high school students!

In line with their theme, ‘Under the stars’, the evening was everything glam, glitz and opulence. Students were dressed to the nines and partied beyond ten. The AIS Prom King and Queen were Micah James Mugabi and Waitu Milkah Milicent.

Click on the images below for prom gallery.

Shirin Bagchi
Head of Secondary Department
Email: [email protected]


The Adventurous Bronze Qualifying Journey

This was an amazing moment for our MYP4, 5, As and DP 1 students to finally complete the Qualifying Adventurous Journey which is the fourth category of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The journey took place in Mbale City. The students contributed to the conservation of the environment by planting over 300 trees, had a cultural tour of the kingdom which ended with a meeting with the Omukuka of the Bamasaba(King of the Bagisu) and then a hike of the Mt. Elgon. 

Click on picture for gallery

DofE Apogee 2022

This event is a culmination of all Service and Duke of Edinburgh activities where learners showcased their achievements of the academic year 2021-2022 in the various club activities. Learners interacted with various presenters and engaged in games, challenges and quizzes as they visited the various clubs. This event builds interest in the activities and gives them an insight into expectations and achievements. 

Click on picture for gallery

DofE Bronze Awards Ceremony

This was an amazing moment for our MYP4, MYP5, AS and DP1 students to finally complete the Qualifying Adventurous Journey which is the fourth category of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The journey took place in Mbale. The students contributed to the conservation of the environment by planting over 300 trees and had a cultural tour of the kingdom which ended with a meeting with the Omukuka of the Bamasaba(King of the Bagisu) and then a hike of the Mt. Elgon. 

Click on picture for gallery

DofE – Unicaf Monthly Service Awards

This award is dedicated to the students who have excelled in the service of the community and is awarded by Unicaf University.  The Service Award Personality of April 2022 was Nyawei Riek AS -Level student. She excelled during the expedition and collaborated well with every student during the group events. 

Congratulations to her!

Click on picture for gallery


School Teams

AIS School Teams resumed practice this term. We, as the Sports and Performing Arts Department, would like to extend our gratitude to all the parents whose commitment to managing late evening pickup / early morning drop-off schedules has made it possible for these teams to have practice this term.

We have had the following teams practising this term: Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Badminton, Athletics, Choir, and Dance. As we resume teams early next academic year, please note that students’ regular attendance is necessary for them to stay on the school team, we are also going to keep all our Sports Team practice in the morning.


MYP 3 Community Project Investigation in Katakala, Mityana District

The Community Project gives our MYP 3 learners an opportunity to learn and solve real-life issues affecting the communities around us. This year, we partnered with Katakala Village in Mityana District, where learners interacted with the leaders and the community on the issues of health, education and general community wellbeing.

The learners got a moment to understand the issues of the community so that they can design models of reducing the challenges and also advocacy. This is part of the assessment criteria for the community project which takes a whole academic year to complete.

The activity culminated in Community Project exhibitions and awarding of certificates to the learners who satisfied the standards of the requirements of the community project award.

AIS MYP 5 Service Internship

At AIS, we aim to provide experiences to foster the holistic development of learners. With this aim in view, the school organises internships for learners every year. This helps them achieve their curricular requirement of a Service internship. This program intends to give learners a real-life experience of the workplace, at the same time contributing to society in a positive way. We have partnered with a number of organisations for this purpose.

The learners this year worked with Straight Talk Foundation, Mukisa Foundation and Red Cross Uganda Chapter to get a real-life experience of an active workplace. 

AIS Charity Activities

We were able to donate a number of items to the Mityana Community and this was organised by MYP 3 students. The items included clothes, shoes and food collected from friends and well-wishers.

We donated sports items to Mukisa Foundation to help them manage the classes better. This donation was organised by the AIS Charity & Community Awareness Club. This was done through printing t-shirts for sale and also a bake sale.

We also donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation and this was organised by MYP 3 students as their Action for the Community Project. They collected funds from bake sales and raised the cash donation.


One of our main foundation pillars is our staff members. Every once in awhile, we enjoy taking a break to appreciate their efforts when they have gone beyond their call of duty.


Early Childhood

Our students have been working hard this year.  We organized the Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM) from June 15-21 to discuss where students are in their learning process and to look at their overall progress this academic year. Parents received their child’s report and ePortfolio.  

If you couldn’t make it to the Parent-Teacher Meeting, you can send an email to [email protected] to receive a soft copy of your child’s report. 

Thank you to those parents who joined us! 


Thank you to all our families who joined us for our final Parent-Teacher Meetings of the academic year. Families who joined us for this were able to meet the teachers one-on-one and review the year’s progress. 

If you missed these meetings but would like to see your child’s homeroom teacher, please reach out to them via email. 

Please note that your child’s reports will have all been emailed to their AIS student account. 

We hope all enjoy a happy and healthy holiday!


The last Parent- Teacher Meeting of the academic year was held on Wednesday, June 23, 2022. For some parents, this was the first time that they visited their children’s classrooms since the pandemic. The positive vibes and the constructive feedback is highly appreciated.

We look forward to another successful academic year, filled with possibilities!



We are so incredibly proud of our PYP6 students for their completion of the IB Primary Exhibition (PYPX). 

This year, our students chose to focus on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the problems the world is facing in meeting these goals. On Friday, June 17, the students presented their multi-disciplinary projects to their families and PYP5 students. 

This is our 7th year completing the IB PYP Exhibition and we are participially proud of this year’s class for their commitment to action. The students really took on the responsibility of demonstrating their learning through actions in the community. 

We had so many actions completed, there is no way to list them all, but to name a few: volunteering at the USPCA, cleaning rubbish up at a local well, teaching our younger classes about Gender Inequality, the importance of saving money, and saying no to peer pressure, this list could go on and on. As a class, with the cooperation of the AIS PTO, they raised over 1.5 Million Ugandan Shillings to buy donations for Sanyu Babies Home and collected items that were then given to our auxiliary staff.

We want to really highlight and thank our PYP6 families this year. We had parents volunteering to be interviewed, chaperone groups of students to venues of interest, and go above and beyond to bring their students’ ideas to life. We have really seen that the families have taken on this process as their own and the benefit of this to our students has been unmeasurable. 

Thank you to all who supported the PYP6 on this journey and we can’t wait to see what these students do in Secondary next year!

Click on the images below for the gallery.


The MYP5 Personal Project Exhibition is a core part of the MYP curriculum. Students must develop a learning goal based on a passion, and then plan how to create a product over several weeks that will allow them to achieve their learning goal and develop ATL skills. This year, these ranged from making a couch to crocheting, writing a report about antibiotics, building a gaming PC and creating a cookbook.

MYP5 students held a presentation to explain their varied personal projects to the school community. It was a good experience for them as they were able to show off the fruits of their labour and develop their skills in public speaking. It was also a great opportunity for all the MYP students to acquaint themselves with what lies ahead and for parents to become more familiar with the MYP.

Well done MYP5!

Click on the images below for the gallery.

Theory of knowledge (TOK) 

Our DP1 students put in a lot of effort in their TOK Exhibition, in which they looked at how knowledge presents itself in the world. This is accomplished by selecting three distinct objects and using them as a lens through which to investigate a prompt or knowledge issue. Because the study of knowledge can be fairly abstract, using objects to make the debate more physical and relevant is a good idea. Students used the Scope, Perspectives, Methods and Tools, and Ethics knowledge framework to assist them.

We appreciate the children, parents, and instructors that came out to ask the DP 1 class knowledge-prompting questions!

Click on the images below for the gallery.


At AIS, a student progressing from one department to another is a milestone to be celebrated. After a break of 2 years, we were able to watch our proud Reception Class graduands march their way to the Primary Department and the PYP6 graduands march their way to Secondary! 

But this year was extremely special, as we graduated our first High School cohort that is ready to embrace University life!

The 11th of June marks a watershed moment in Acorns International School’s history. Our very first IBDP and Cambridge graduation took place. It was a well-earned opportunity to recognize our graduates’ efforts, our staff’s dedication, the administration’s support, and our parents’ faith and commitment.

We are appreciative of everyone who came out to support us. Your attendance was quite beneficial. All we can do now is wish our graduates the best of luck in their future endeavours.

Reception Graduation

PYP6 Graduation

IBDP/A Level Graduation


As usual, the Celebration of Learning (CoL) marks the end of our academic year. Students and teachers across departments have worked hard to showcase Unit-related learning and this was evident in every performance. 

EC Celebration of Learning happened on June 22, 2022. Students showcased learning in their different domains as they were dressed smartly in their costumes. 

Primary students had their Celebration of Learning on June 23, 2022. Students used skits and many interesting ways to celebrate Unit-related learning to their parents. It was such a wonderful moment for all the parents and teachers as students were showing various learning skills and experiences.  

Secondary students had their Celebration of Learning on June 24, 2022. Students made gallery walk presentations and stage performances. Students’ stage performances included plays, dances, music, oral presentations, and Physical Education routines. 

Across departments, all performances were phenomenal and showed evidence of an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning at AIS. 

Click on the image below for EC celebration of learning gallery

Ec Celebratrion of Learning Highlights

Click on the image below for Lower Primary celebration of learning gallery

Lower Primary Celebratrion of Learning Highlights

Click on the image below for Upper Primary celebration of learning gallery

Upper Primary Celebratrion of Learning Highlights

Click on the image below for Secondary celebration of learning gallery

Secondary Celebratrion of Learning Highlights

Summer’s here!

It’s been books for ages but finally, here’s a peek of fun, sport and lots of thrilling recreational activities. Summer camp this year at AIS is just the way to loosen up, as we learn new things, make new friends and develop our skills.
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