June 2023


As we reflect on the academic year 2022-23, we are grateful for the enriching experiences we shared, from Family Week to Wonder Week, Careers Week to Science Week. Our calendar overflowed with remarkable events, exhibitions, talent hunts, and Graduation ceremonies that showcased your talents, creativity, and passion, reflecting your growth and accomplishments.

Amidst the celebrations, we recognize the moments of joy and stress we experienced. Students faced external exams for the IB Diploma and Cambridge A Levels, MYP5 students underwent eAssessments, and younger students tackled their assessments, exhibitions, and Celebrations of Learning. We understand that these challenges were meant to prepare you for an uncertain world.

This academic year witnessed significant growth, with our enrollment reaching an all-time high.

The collaboration between the school management and parents through the PTO’s fundraising initiative for a gym in the new Secondary Block strengthened our relationship. Students across all levels actively engaged in service initiatives, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact. Our graduating cohort of DP/A Levels students is on track to achieve a 100% pass rate, and around 40 students earned the prestigious DofE Silver qualification, distinguishing us as the pioneer schools in Uganda to be qualified for the Gold certification.

Looking forward, the new Secondary Block with state-of-the-art facilities will create an extraordinary learning environment. We value the feedback received from parents through the PTO and assure you that we will promptly address concerns at the start of the next academic year.

With a heavy heart, we bid farewell to Ms. Yirka, a valuable member of our Senior Management Team, whose expertise in play-based education has transformed the Early Childhood Department. Ms. Yirka’s amiable nature and positive relationships with colleagues will be deeply missed. We are excited to introduce Ms. Andi as the new Head of the Early Childhood Department. With a decade of international education experience, a Bachelor’s Degree, and a teaching qualification from the USA, Ms. Andi’s expertise further solidifies our commitment to providing excellent early childhood education.

Finally, we bid farewell to teachers, students, and families embarking on new journeys. We are proud of your accomplishments and wish you success and happiness. Remember, you carry our school’s spirit and values with you. Farewell and our doors will always be open.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your dedication and commitment. Let us embrace the future together, creating a vibrant and inspiring educational journey. 

Here’s to a year filled with exciting events and extraordinary learning experiences!


Early Childhood

The Academic Year 2022-23 concluded as an extraordinary journey for our young learners. They experienced remarkable growth, forming deep connections with peers and teachers while making significant strides in their social and emotional development. The transition from online and remote learning back to our regular routines presented unique challenges that required parents and teachers to adapt to a new environment and rebuild trust.

In preparation for PYP1, the Reception class focused on play-based learning and hands-on activities to develop foundational skills. The readiness screening, aligned with EYFS learning goals, provided a two-week assessment period guided by the class teacher. It offered valuable insight into the children’s academic abilities and readiness to progress to PYP1.

Moreover, the children had an exciting opportunity to visit the Primary Department and meet their PYP1 teachers. Engaging in classroom games and taking a brief tour, the Reception students felt a strong sense of pride and excitement about moving on to “the big school.”

As my time at Acorns International School comes to a close, I want to express my profound gratitude for a wonderful term. I extend heartfelt thanks to the parents, students, and teachers for the incredible experiences we shared, as well as their continued support and open-mindedness.

Yirka Vinck
Head of Early Childhood Department
Email: [email protected]


What an incredible way to conclude the academic year! I am grateful for our amazing students, dedicated teachers, supportive parents, and the entire AIS family. Our collective journey of learning, growth, and collaboration has surpassed expectations. Thank you to everyone who contributed tirelessly to a successful conclusion to the academic year. Throughout the year, we enjoyed engaging in activities like Class Assemblies, Units in Action, Graduation, and the Celebration of Learning. Our students demonstrated great effort in embodying AIS values and Learner Profile attributes. We deeply appreciate the trust you have placed in us.

Students Attendance
Please refer to the provided 2023-24 calendar to plan activities for the upcoming academic year. We kindly request parents to avoid scheduling events resulting in student absences. Regular attendance is crucial for overall performance and progress. Review the Retention Policy at your convenience.

No Homework
During this break, no homework will be assigned to students. We recognise their efforts and the importance of a mental break. Allow them time for play and enjoyable moments with their families. Engaging in home management activities will develop essential skills. Encourage a reading culture and make books available to them. These will be opportunities to develop Independence ans lifelong learning

Shallon Baguma
Head of Primary Department
Email: [email protected]


As we near the end of another eventful year, I want to reflect on our students’ remarkable achievements, express gratitude, and foster hope for the upcoming academic year. This year, we experienced a fully on-campus academic year for the first time, a testament to our students’ resilience and courage in shaping their own paths.

On behalf of the Secondary team, I extend heartfelt gratitude to our students, parents, and partner organizations. Without our enthusiastic and committed parent community, our students wouldn’t have thrived and succeeded as they have. Thank you for your unwavering support.

Our Secondary students have excelled in various activities, including winning the Recycled Boat Challenge, achieving accolades at the World Scholars’ Cup – Kampala Round, and triumphing in interschool games and swimming galas.

This newsletter highlights the remarkable accomplishments of our students. With rapid technological advancements come numerous opportunities and challenges. We kindly ask our community to help our students embrace technology and digital media with the right mindset and online courtesy.
As we begin the summer vacation, let’s remember the importance of pursuing hobbies and developing skills. Prioritize your health, cherish quality time with loved ones, and engage in activities that bring joy and rejuvenation.

Shirin Bagchi
Head of Secondary Department
Email: [email protected]

Wishing you a joyful and restful holiday season on behalf of the entire School Team.



PYP to MYP Shadow Days

As Term 3 ends, we celebrate a milestone for PYP6. They experienced the Middle Years Programme (MYP) through activities like “Shadowing” MYP1. They attended Language and Literature as well as Science lessons, interacting with future teachers and MYP1 students. A Q&A session with Ms. Shirin, Head of Secondary, and Mr. Sam, MYP Curriculum Coordinator, addressed concerns about lockers, uniforms, IDs, and the curriculum. Familiarizing students with the next phase of their journey is vital for a smooth transition. Engaging with MYP1 lessons and connecting with students and staff equips our PYP6 for the changes ahead. We are excited about their progress and anticipate continued growth in the Middle Years Programme.

PYP End of Year assessments

As we conclude another term, we’d like to discuss the recent Internal and MAP Growth Assessments for PYP1-5 students. These assessments are not to stress the students but to identify the learning curve of each student in order to help them in their academics. These assessments guide their progress and were sent in the form of AIS Report Cards and MAP Family Reports. Joining Parent-Teacher Conferences allowed meaningful discussions about assessment results. Let’s keep conversing with our children about their goals and aspirations. Together, we’ll create a supportive learning environment that nurtures strengths and overcomes challenges. Reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher or academic support team for any questions or clarifications. Thank you for your trust and partnership. Here’s to another term of growth and success.

Rachelle Hale
PYP Coordinator
Email: [email protected]


MYP End of Year Assessments
AS MYP5 students concluded their eAssessments, MYP1 – 4 embarked on End-of-Year Assessments. These assessments promote effective revision and time management as students review topics covered throughout the year. MYP4 students also took some assessments in the format of authentic IB eAssessments to familiarize themselves with the format and content under exam conditions. These assessments help students identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas requiring further attention. Overall, the assessments foster academic growth, critical thinking, and resilience, preparing students for future success.

MYP3 Parent-Student Career Planning and Subject Choices
We had excellent participation in the recent workshops on pathways and subject selection for MYP3 students transitioning into MYP4. The success of these workshops reflects the commitment and dedication of our parents and students.
During the workshops, we introduced powerful tools to empower students in their academic and career planning. We are pleased to see that many of you have already begun engaging in meaningful conversations about career pathways, which will play a vital role in guiding students’ selection of subjects.

Now, it is time for students to make their subject choices for MYP4 & 5. These choices are crucial in shaping their educational journey and career paths. We understand that the subject selection process can be overwhelming, and that’s why our Careers Team is here to assist you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. All the subject selection process should be complete before start of academic year.

Sam Weavers
MYP Coordinator
Email: [email protected]

DP / A Levels

IBDP and Cambridge External Exam Conclusion

The exhilarating culmination of the IBDP and Cambridge External Exams season arrived in the first week of June. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support and understanding that you, our esteemed community, bestowed upon us and our diligent candidates throughout this momentous period. Rest assured, our candidates have poured their souls into their studies, demonstrating unwavering determination and resilience. We eagerly anticipate the forthcoming announcement of results, which will be unveiled on the July 5, for IBDP and August 10, for the Cambridge examinations. All the best to everyone!

MYP5 Transition Classes

With an unwavering commitment to equipping our students with essential support and guidance for informed decision-making, our MYP5 cohort embarked on a captivating journey of transition classes from May 31 to June 21, 2023.

This exceptional initiative provided them with a firsthand encounter with the vibrant tapestry that awaits them in upper secondary education. It served as a transformative experience, enabling our students to navigate the corridors of upper senior school, metaphorically grasping the reins of their educational destiny.

We extend our sincerest gratitude for your unwavering cooperation and collaboration from all our staff as this remarkable endeavour would not have been possible without their invaluable contribution. Thank you to students as well for being open-minded as they explored new learning curve that lies ahead of them.

Kanyesigye Kenneth
DP / A Levels Coordinator
Email: [email protected]


The year has been long but rewarding, thanks to the immense support from the AIS Community. Despite the hurdles, we have all managed to forge ahead. Way to go!

Summer Camp 2022-2023

As the summer break begins, what better way for students to relax and unwind after a long year than participating in our Summer Camp? The camp offers enjoyable activities that create lasting memories and friendships. Sign up now and join in on the fun! For inquiries, please email [email protected].

Sign up now and take part in the fun!  Summer Camp!

For any inquiries, contact [email protected]

School Lunch/Lunch Drop-Offs

While we continue to provide healthy meals for students who choose to have school lunches, we advise parents of students who bring packed meals from home to make thoughtful choices and consider foods that are less prone to spoilage. As we prioritize the security and safety of the AIS community, we do not accept lunch drop-offs.

Campus Safety/AIS Exit ID Card

This a kind reminder to all parents/guardians to use the AIS Exit ID Card during pick-up time and to communicate any changes in the regular person responsible for picking up the students to the school administration. Furthermore, please observe a speed limit of 10km/h while driving on school grounds to contribute to a secure environment and minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.

Lost and Found

As the academic year comes to a close, our lost and found stall will remain open during the school break from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. This is a valuable opportunity to retrieve any items that students may have lost throughout the school year. We also encourage parents/guardians to label their children’s items for easy identification. If you would like to have your child’s uniforms and sweaters labelled for a fee of UGX 2000, please contact the Administration Office for assistance. Please note that unclaimed items will be donated to a good cause after this period.

Suggestion Box

We are excited to announce the reintroduction of the suggestion box, providing an unrestricted means of communication for the AIS Community to share ideas and feedback. You are encouraged to actively use this avenue to contribute to the growth and improvement of the entire school community. Your ideas and thoughts count!

After-School Club Competitions

We are now entering the realm of competitions, providing an excellent opportunity for students to learn and enhance their skills. Our Gymnastics and Skating competitions have set the stage and paved the way for more achievements. Well done to all the competitors, and thank you to the parents who supported the students on short notice. Registration forms for after-school clubs will be shared through our communication channels one week before the start of the academic year 2023-2024.

We achieved exceptional results in both competitions, with Athalie Rina Dhatemwa winning a well-deserved medal for second place in beam balancing at the “Time to Shine Gymnastics Competition” at the International School of Uganda. At the “City Roller Championships”, in skating, Tierney Ngabirano displayed remarkable skills and emerged as the top performer in the 500m race for girls, earning a trophy. Jeriel Odwar secured third place in the 300m race for boys, while Happy Sanga demonstrated great talent by securing third place in the open race, Naya Shaban also emerged second in the open race competition for girls. All participants were recognized for their efforts and awarded certificates of participation.

Rosyelene Ampumuza
Head of Administration
Email: [email protected]


As we conclude another successful year, I would like to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude and admiration for the incredible work accomplished by our teaching and non-teaching team. It has been an extraordinary year, and our success is owed to the unwavering dedication and commitment of each and every one of you.

First and foremost, I want to highlight our exceptional Employees of the Month throughout the year. These individuals have consistently gone above and beyond in their roles, inspiring their colleagues and making a lasting impact on our students’ lives. Their outstanding contributions deserve our utmost recognition and praise.

Furthermore, I want to extend my sincere appreciation to all our staff members. Each one of you plays an integral role in creating a supportive and nurturing environment for our students. Whether it’s in the classroom, administrative offices, maintenance team, or any other department, your efforts have contributed immensely to our overall success.

Wishing you all a well-deserved break and a rejuvenating holiday. Enjoy the time with your loved ones, and may we all return refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.

Celebrating June Babies

Lynn Bugaari Muhangi
Head of Human Resource
Email: [email protected]


AIS School Teams at the World Schools Cup

The AIS U13 Boys and U15 Girls teams have received an invitation to participate in the prestigious World Schools Games Football competition in Barcelona, Spain, scheduled for October 13th-16th. This remarkable opportunity not only serves to inspire the young soccer talent at AIS but also motivates our students to pursue soccer at a professional level. Moreover, it provides a platform for them to meet and interact with young players from across the globe, which perfectly aligns with our school’s core values of fostering global citizenship.

Partnerships with Uganda Cranes

We are delighted to announce our close collaboration with the esteemed Uganda Cranes Coach, Milutin Sredojevic. In an effort to solidify this partnership, AIS has graciously offered our training ground to the Uganda Cranes team, where all our school soccer coaches attend sessions. 

We firmly  believe that this alliance will empower our coaches with invaluable coaching skills, thereby enriching the overall soccer program at AIS.

AIS Swim Team

On Saturday, May 20, 2023, we concluded Season 2 activities for our Swim Team with an exhilarating swimming gala. Our swimmers showcased significant improvement in their skills throughout the season. The entire team displayed unwavering consistency, hard work, discipline, and responsibility, which collectively contributed to their outstanding progress. We would like to extend a special acknowledgement to Nicole Amito for her exceptional discipline, Raphael Nyombi for his remarkable responsibility, Yusurah Kasujja for her outstanding consistency, and Lucky Sanga and Athalie Sanyu for their impressive improvement during Season 2. Following intense competitions, Team Divers successfully defended their title, securing 371 points. Tidal Waves secured the second position with 332 points, while Rapids claimed third place with 284 points. We express our sincere appreciation to the dedicated parents, committed swimmers, diligent coaches, and supportive school administration for their unwavering commitment and hard work.

Henry Kalanzi
Head of  Specialties
Email: [email protected]



  • Please be informed that Term I fees must be settled by August 22, 2023. Should you have any inquiries, please reach out to the Finance Department at +256 754 202 667 or email us at [email protected].
  • Kindly note that delayed fee payments will incur a 5% surcharge. If you have not opted for School Lunch, please disregard that component on your invoice.
  • AIS is pleased to offer a 15% reduction on one term’s fee for newly enrolled students.
  • For payments made through the bank, we kindly request that you email the receipt to [email protected]
  • In the event of a blocked Managebac account due to late payment, it will be reactivated within 24 hours of receiving the payment receipt.

Bank Requirements

  • Please be advised that the bank will not accept school fee denominations with any marks or scribbling on them.
  • Kindly note that US dollar series from 2013 and above will be accepted, while anything below will not be accepted.

After-School Care

  • After-School Care is available at a casual rate of $5 per 30 minutes.
  • Regular After-School Care hours conclude at 5:30 pm. Any student picked up after this time will be charged at a rate of $5 per 15 minutes.

Transport Facility

We are pleased to announce the addition of three spacious 40-seater school buses to our transport facilities. For any inquiries regarding school transportation, please contact the Finance Department at +256 754 202 667 or email us at [email protected].



As children grow and mature, we recognize the importance of imparting knowledge on personal growth and development. While academic growth is important, we also understand the significance of educating children about their bodies and the changes they are experiencing or will soon experience.

With the consent of parents, we organized a puberty discussion for the year 5 and 6 students. Parents warmly welcomed this initiative. Every child had the opportunity to ask questions openly, and those who felt uncomfortable speaking up were able to submit their questions anonymously.

The children displayed an eagerness to learn more about their bodies and were taught to appreciate, respect, and accept the changes happening without feeling shame or prejudice. Additionally, they were educated on how to take care of their bodies and encouraged to approach their parents, caregivers, or teachers with any further questions related to these changes.

The feedback from the children was positive, and some parents even expressed gratitude for the initiative. We plan to continue conducting these talks for PYP5 and PYP6 students in the upcoming academic year.


During our formative years, everything is new, and we experience countless firsts. These experiences contribute to the formation of strong memories that shape our sense of identity, purpose, and the bonds we share with others. Happy memories hold significant value in our overall well-being. Writing down our memories can improve our working memory, reduce stress, and alleviate symptoms of depression. Therefore, what better way to conclude the academic year than by documenting the memories we’ve made?

To ensure a positive closure, the students were provided with sheets to record their homeroom memories and personal shining moments from the academic year. This exercise allowed them to end the year on a high note. Throughout this year, we covered various life skills that facilitated the personal growth of each student and nurtured their ability to work effectively in groups. While it wasn’t always easy and sometimes involved confronting challenges, we approached everything with the right mindset.

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that we will be implementing a new curriculum for Personal, Social, and Physical Education (PSPE) in the coming year. This curriculum will provide us with more guidance and empower students with even greater potential for growth.

-AIS Counsellors


As the academic year draws to a close, we are delighted to celebrate the achievements of our graduates. All our DP / A Level graduates have received offers from reputed universities.

Throughout the year, our students actively participated in various university fairs and internships, gaining invaluable experiences that have shaped their future paths in universities and careers. During Term 2, we proudly hosted our inaugural university fair, providing an interactive platform for students to connect with representatives from renowned universities and collaborate with peers from other schools.

We are immensely proud of the guidance our DP2 and AS students received during the university application process, resulting in numerous successful offers. Our dedicated Careers Team also provided comprehensive support to our junior MYP students and their parents, enabling them to make informed subject selections that will shape their future course options.

To aid in planning for the future, we introduced students and parents to portals like BridgeU, offering insights into subject requirements, desired grades, and tailored global educational opportunities. These interactive sessions included detailed instructions on navigating the portal, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants.

We are thrilled to announce that AIS has been officially recognized as an SAT test centre, expanding opportunities for our students and the wider community and solidifying our commitment to their academic success.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our exceptional staff, supportive parents, and community members for their unwavering dedication. Together, we empower our students to confidently navigate their academic journeys and shape a prosperous future.

-AIS Careers Team


Home Clothes Day

On June 2, 2023, we held the final PTO Home Clothes Fundraising event of the year, where students were allowed to wear their favourite home clothes. As students entered the school gates, PTO volunteers collected UGX 2000. The funds raised during this event have been utilized to support various school projects. This term, we have been able to show our gratitude to the exceptional AIS staff who have consistently performed at a high level throughout the school year. We also extend our appreciation to House Team Fire for their remarkable achievement in collecting the highest number of House Points this year.

PTO Staff Appreciation

The PTO’s vision is to collaborate with the school administration to ensure that the school meets its objectives and fulfills its Mission and Vision. Recognizing the value of our teachers, the PTO has been expressing gratitude to them for several years. However, this year, the AIS PTO has made the decision to extend appreciation to all AIS staff members who have demonstrated exceptional performance throughout the school year.

AIS administrators have implemented a structured staff appreciation program by defining criteria and conducting monthly voting to identify individuals who meet those criteria. This inclusive approach encompasses both auxiliary staff and teaching staff, aligning with the AIS vision of inspiring and empowering one another. The PTO fully supports this initiative and has deemed it necessary to recognize all staff members who received votes throughout the school year. Each recognized staff member will receive a special plaque featuring their name, picture, and a motivational message. Well done, AIS Staff!

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all parents who have provided unwavering support to the AIS PTO throughout the entire school year. Your contributions have been invaluable!

Early Childhood

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Non-Teaching Staff

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Ivan Irumba
PTO Chair


Dear Students,

As we near the end of the school year, the Student Council would like to extend our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you. We cannot express enough how grateful we are for your unwavering enthusiasm, active participation, and constant support throughout this incredible year. Together, we have fostered a thriving and inclusive school community that fills us all with pride.

A major responsibility of the Student Council has been to ensure the seamless organization and enjoyment of various school events. From the electrifying Talent Hunt to the laughter-filled Funday, from the captivating School Play to the delightful Celebration of Learning, and culminating in the unforgettable Graduation ceremony, we have been by your side every step of the way, creating cherished memories for all.

Looking forward to the upcoming school year, we are already preparing for a host of exciting new projects and initiatives.

Happy Holidays!

— Student Council


We are thrilled to share the exciting news of integrating Toddle, an innovative educational platform, into our esteemed IB Continuum School. This integration brings a new dimension to teaching and learning, empowering both teachers and students to excel in a dynamic digital environment.

Since the announcement in our February 2023 Newsletter, our PYP6 teachers, students, and families have been actively piloting Toddle for the past six months. We are delighted with its comprehensive features and eagerly anticipate the opportunities it will provide as a school-wide platform.

Toddle equips our educators with a comprehensive suite of tools specifically designed for the IB curriculum. From unit planning and assessment tracking to collaborative team spaces and parent communication, Toddle simplifies and streamlines the entire teaching process. This allows our teachers to focus more on what truly matters: delivering engaging and impactful lessons.

For our students, Toddle offers an interactive and personalized learning experience. They can access resources, submit assignments, and collaborate with their peers, fostering a sense of independence and ownership in their education. With features like portfolios and goal tracking, students actively reflect on their progress and set targets for growth.

Parents will also benefit greatly from Toddle’s seamless integration. They can stay connected with their child’s learning journey through real-time updates, communication channels, and access to learning materials. Toddle promotes a robust school-home partnership, enabling parents to actively participate in their child’s education.

Please be aware that there will be a few changes to the current systems. In the Secondary division, Toddle will replace ManageBac. Additionally, we will be phasing out the use of WhatsApp groups throughout the entire school. Toddle’s messaging feature enhances security for all members and ensures you can still receive notifications from your child’s teachers.

For now, we kindly request that you remain in your current WhatsApp groups as we will use them to communicate information about the start of the year and guide you through the transition to Toddle.

We are confident that the integration of Toddle will further enrich the teaching and learning experience in our IB Continuum School. It aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing a holistic and forward-thinking education for our students, empowering them to become lifelong learners and global citizens.



We were thrilled to celebrate the remarkable efforts of our PYP6 students in the PYP Exhibition (PYPX). Over the past several months, our enthusiastic learners have diligently worked in small groups, exploring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address global challenges and take actionable steps to help their communities.

The PYPX is a pinnacle event that fosters critical thinking, research skills, and collaborative teamwork. Students embraced the opportunity to dive into real-world issues such as poverty, climate change, and gender equality, aiming to make a positive impact. From designing sustainable solutions to raising awareness through art, drama, and technology, they have demonstrated their commitment to creating a better world.

The Exhibition not only highlights the exceptional abilities of our students but also reinforces the core values of the IB program. It empowers them to become active global citizens who take responsibility for their actions and actively contribute to shaping a sustainable future.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the students for their hard work, dedication, and passion in studying the SDGs. Their projects serve as an inspiration to us all and reinforce our belief in the transformative power of education and lifelong learning.

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The Personal Project holds a pivotal role in the MYP curriculum, serving as an essential requirement for obtaining the official IB Course Results and Certificate at the end of MYP5 (MYPX). It offers students a valuable opportunity to immerse themselves in a subject of personal interest, working towards a specific learning objective by creating a tangible product or outcome.

Throughout this process, students actively engage with a diverse set of Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills, meticulously documenting their progress in a process journal and showcasing their abilities through a comprehensive report assessed by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). The culmination of their dedication and hard work was prominently displayed during the MYP5 Exhibition Day, where our learners confidently presented their findings and achievements to a wide audience.

The exhibited projects were borne out of the students’ unique personal experiences, making use of available materials and resources. The array of products showcased great diversity, ranging from websites, chemistry and crystals blogs, scrapbooks, artworks, game analysis, paintings, crocheting, cookbooks, fashion magazines, explorations of mental health psychology, music compositions, novellas, architecture designs, plant science research, coding projects, mother tongue initiatives, documentaries, and even charitable foundation endeavours.

The Personal Project stands as a testament to our students’ exceptional creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to apply acquired knowledge in meaningful and impactful ways. Through these multifaceted projects, they not only refined their skills but also shared their passions and discoveries with the broader community, leaving a lasting impression on all who encountered their remarkable endeavours.

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We greatly value the significance of Parent Teacher Conferences (PTCs) held at the culmination of each academic year. These conferences provide a priceless opportunity for personalized and insightful interactions between parents and their child’s teacher(s). Not only do PTCs offer a comprehensive understanding of your child’s progress thus far, but they also serve as a collaborative platform to plan for the future and establish clear expectations for the upcoming academic year.

This year, we conducted the PTCs on June 16, with no classes scheduled for students, enabling parents and teachers to engage in open and meaningful discussions. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the parents who attended these conferences. Your active involvement is truly valued and plays a vital role in your child’s education.

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The Duke of Edinburgh International Bronze and Silver Awards provides a global platform for non-formal education and learning, empowering young individuals to dream big, celebrate accomplishments, and make a positive impact in their world. By fostering transferable skills, improving physical fitness, embracing adventure, and engaging in community service, the Award guides young people in discovering their purpose, passion, and role in society.

Throughout the academic year, students in MYP 4 and above participate in four activity categories: Physical, Skills, Voluntary Service (compulsory in Term 1), and two Expeditions (Practice and Qualifying Adventurous Journeys). Our students successfully completed the Bronze and Silver Levels this year, receiving certificates and badges in recognition of their achievements.

The expeditions took place in Buyende, Kamuli (practice), and Soroti City (qualifying journey). During these journeys, students embarked on treks of specific distances while actively engaging in voluntary community activities within schools, and orphanage shelters, and learning essential survival skills through observations and experiences.

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The community service project on cancer undertaken by MYP3 students had a significant impact. As part of their project, they organized a donation drive to support the Blessed Foundation Cancer Center. The students conducted thorough research on cancer and its effects on communities, and they shared their findings with students at Pearl Primary School in Katoogo village. Their presentation focused on the causes of cancer and prevention methods, particularly through behaviour change, such as adopting healthy eating habits.

To further assist the Foundation and its residents, the students collected and delivered donations of detergents, food, and sanitary ware. These contributions aimed to alleviate the workload of the Foundation’s staff and provide nourishment to the residents. The Blessed Foundation plays a vital role in caring for cancer patients who are undergoing treatment in hospitals across Kampala. These patients, who come from various regions in the country, receive accommodation and free care during their treatment.

Overall, the MYP3 students’ dedication to raising awareness about cancer and supporting the Blessed Foundation through their donation drive demonstrates their commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those affected by this disease.


Visit to Xenson Art Space 

Our MYP4 Visual Arts students, led by Mr. Alif and Miss Shirin, embarked on an immersive journey to Xenson Art Space in Kampala on May 26, 2023. They were captivated by the group exhibition, “Surfacing,” which showcased the exceptional works of twelve talented female artists from East Africa. With diverse themes such as nature, landscapes, portraiture, women’s rights, and social behaviour, this exhibition enriched our students’ artistic practices. Witnessing the mastery of established professionals fuelled their creativity, inspiring them for their upcoming visual arts e-portfolio. This eye-opening experience also highlighted the significant contributions of female artists, challenging norms and expanding horizons beyond the classroom.

ATL Skills Sessions

Teaching and learning in the IB aim to develop students who are skilful and equipped with the necessary skill sets essential for 21st-century citizens. At Acorns International School, we pride ourselves in the development of Approaches To Learning (ATL) skills to ensure our students match the global standards of IB world students.

We took some time off and explicitly led students through self-management and organizational skills where we had students engage in reflective thinking skills.  Our main interest was to help our students become more “Focused and Organized” through the use of personal schedules and timelines. 

The workshop was productive because students created weekly individual schedules they intend to use next school year. In their schedules, students paid attention to balancing their school and personal life to achieve their best. When asked what they had gained from the workshop, Students highlighted that they are looking forward to using pitched individual schedules to improve time management and learning outcomes next school year. 

#BeatPlasticPollution: Taking Action Towards a Sustainable Future- An Initiative of the Secondary Recycling Club

As another successful academic year comes to a close, we must reflect on the urgent environmental challenges we face and the proactive steps taken by our students and faculty. Plastic pollution stands as a grave threat to our planet, evident by the staggering annual production of over 400 million tonnes, with half designated for single-use purposes. Shockingly, less than 10 percent is recycled, while millions of tonnes pollute our waterways and landfills. Microplastics have permeated our food, water, and air, posing health risks. Acorns International School’s Recycling Club leads the change, raising awareness and actively engaging in sustainable practices. Through workshops and initiatives, students repurpose plastic waste, contributing to a circular economy. Let’s celebrate their dedication and work together to #BeatPlasticPollution for a greener future.

Igniting Scientific Curiosity 

In June, Acorns International School conducted a series of captivating science experiments to ignite curiosity and inspire students. Exciting demonstrations included hydrogen gas explosions, creating small-scale fireworks, and exploring the microscopic world with microscopes. These experiments not only engaged students but also taught them about chemical reactions, combustion, and the wonders of the natural world. The students’ enthusiasm was evident as they actively participated and expressed a newfound passion for science. These experiments not only sparked their interest but also developed their critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. Overall, the series of fun science experiments proved to be a resounding success in cultivating a passion for science among students.

Art Competition at Japan Embassy 

We are thrilled to share that eight talented learners from our MYP program participated in the 23rd JQA International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest. This global competition provided our students, aged between 7 and 15, with a platform to express their artistic skills and thoughts on the theme “Joyful times for people and nature.” They submitted original drawings reflecting the idea of living harmoniously with nature. The winners will be announced in August 2023 on the contest’s official website, where 48 participants will receive special memorabilia. We commend our students, listed below, for representing our school and showcasing their dedication and artistic talents: Rihanna Talugende, Chowdhury Sharin, Reuben Nyombi, Maya Duku, Ariam Tesfalem Gherahtu, Kirabo Sonia, Namish Vishal, and Lauretta Komuntale. Their artwork exemplifies their appreciation for nature and the importance of environmental harmony. We wish them the best of luck and congratulate all participants for their remarkable efforts!


AIS High School students hosted their inaugural prom last year, and they truly outdid themselves this year, raising the bar even higher. The exquisite Protea Hotel served as the venue on June 17, providing the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening, which beautifully concluded Graduation Day. The students lived up to their promise of delivering ‘A Night to Remember,’ leaving no stone unturned to ensure a remarkable experience. Adorned in elegant attire, they revelled in the festivities, creating lasting memories.


Primary Clubs

After-school clubs play a crucial role in fostering students’ skills and opening doors to potential career paths. These extracurricular activities provide hands-on experiences, encourage teamwork, and allow students to explore their interests in a supportive environment. They cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and leadership qualities, preparing students for future success.

Watch your WhatsApp groups for next year’s Club & Lunch forms.

The students have acquired the skills of molding, sewing, upcycling various materials, applying paint, and using presses, which have fostered their creativity, fine motor skills, and hand strength. Additionally, they have honed their hand techniques by shaping clay into different forms and animals, employing methods such as pinching, slab building, and coiling.

During the Skating Club this year, our students had a blast engaging in inline skating, and speed racing, and improving their balance, posture, and patience. These activities have consistently instilled valuable skills, further building upon their progress. Moreover, they had the thrilling opportunity to participate in the “City Roller Championships,” where they not only met new competitors but also learned from them, enhancing their risk-taking and flexibility skills.

Here, our primary focus has been on building students’ confidence and skills in the water. Throughout the year, they have been encouraged to follow safety guidelines, inadvertently enhancing their communication and listening skills.

The Club has focused on developing the students’ understanding of rhythm, playing techniques, proper hand placement, and the solfege system scale on the keyboard. Collaborating with one another, they have enjoyed creating melodies and enhancing their listening skills while fostering patience.

The Drama Club has provided a nurturing environment for students to develop their confidence. This year, we aimed to foster their willingness to try new things consistently. Students have embraced this opportunity and have grown significantly.

Through the UCMAS Club, students have developed their memory, concentration, and focus. The interactive approach to learning math skills without calculators has made the process enjoyable and engaging.

Beyond physical fitness, dance has encouraged our students to uphold self-discipline, promoting coordination, resilience, and teamwork. Through dance, they have also developed an appreciation for different cultures, fostering a sense of unity. Their repertoire includes the Amapiano dance style, which they showcased during their Celebration of Learning.

Our Debate Club has witnessed tremendous growth among our learners. They have improved in areas such as timekeeping, preparation, research, body language, eye contact, critical thinking, and teamwork. Respect for each other’s ideas and concepts has been fostered, and they have embraced new environments and changes.

Throughout the year, our learners have focused on developing skills in ideas, stories, character development, and scriptwriting. This has nurtured their creativity and thinking abilities.

Students have practised various yoga poses involving stretching and balancing. They have been introduced to rhythmic yoga, partner poses, animal postures, storytelling through yoga poses, and incorporating songs into their practice, all while working on flexibility. They are gradually advancing to more challenging poses, fostering relaxation and a sense of calm.

This year, students had the opportunity to participate in a Gymnastics competition hosted at the International School of Uganda, where they learned from competitors outside their comfort zone. This experience has kept them motivated and goal-oriented as their skills continue to grow. They dedicated themselves to learning moves such as the candlestick, pencil jump, bridge, forward roll, hands-against-the-wall technique, middle split, forward and backward roll, push-ups, and back-end/fall-back exercises.

Our students enthusiastically learned and put into practice skills such as ball control, passing, and dribbling during our football sessions. Through these activities, they have nurtured their patience and listening skills.

Throughout their ballet sessions, the students have developed the proper body posture of ballerinas and ballerinos, including their back and toes. This journey has instilled confidence in them, which they proudly showcased during the Celebration of Learning.

Secondary DofE Clubs

This term students chose new activities that will end this academic year. The Bronze learners are winding up and progressing with the Silver Level activities. This year’s club culmination- “Apogee 2023” took place on June 22, 2023, where the learners will showcase their club achievements and activities throughout this academic year. Below are the highlights of the different club activities for Term III:

Cooking is a universal language that brings people together, transcending cultural boundaries and satisfying our taste buds with delightful creations. This term we explored the art of cooking by delving into the preparation of two beloved classics: spaghetti and sandwiches. Additionally, we’ll touch upon the exciting journey of creating cookbooks to document and share our culinary expertise.

This term we have started a new 3-month Kickboxing club and have made lots of progress. We have been working on our stances, jab and cross punches, the correct foot movement and low kicks. We have also been practising our sparring ability by playing games where individuals verse each other and win by tapping their opponent’s knees or shoulders to get points and win. 

The Volleyball club is a unifying force, bringing individuals together with a shared passion for the game. Throughout the term, we focused on teamwork, skill development, and strategic play. We embraced challenges, celebrated progress, and showcased resilience and sportsmanship in intense matches. As a result, we created lasting memories, forged strong bonds, and exemplified the power of unity and determination. The Club this term was a testament to the joy of pursuing excellence in sports.

We’re proud of the remarkable progress made by our dedicated members of the String Instruments Club. From beginners to intermediates, each student has shown immense growth, contributing to our flourishing school orchestra.

Fresh-faced learners joined us, and most students have been honing their skills for a year. Remarkably, even those with just a year of experience have reached an intermediate level of proficiency, showcasing their commitment and dedication.

A significant achievement in our club is the mastery of the string crossing technique and independent reading of staff sheet music.

We appreciate the parents who went the extra mile in purchasing instruments for their children. Their support has fostered the students’ musical growth and enabled seamless practice at home. The collaboration between parents, students, and instructors has contributed to remarkable achievements.

Looking ahead, we’re excited about our club and school orchestra’s future prospects. With a strong foundation, our aim is to expand the orchestra to approximately 35 members, creating a robust ensemble for vibrant performances.

We plan to organize end-of-term solo and ensemble events, providing platforms for our talented students to showcase their virtuosity. These moments of pride and celebration will highlight the incredible progress made by each individual.

Welcome to our Film Production Club, where we embarked on a captivating journey exploring the world of film and unleashed our creativity and passion for storytelling. Here, we engaged in diverse activities like movie screenings, discussions, workshops, and even film productions!

The club was divided into teams, each focusing on a specific aspect. We had teams for video editing, script writing, lighting, costume design, camera operation, set design, and directing, showcasing the incredible range of talents and interests within our club.

During our meetings, we enjoyed insightful videos related to each team’s area. We delved into topics like set design, camera angles, costume design, directing tips, lighting techniques, script writing, and video editing, which served as valuable resources for learning and inspiration.

Setting goals was an exciting part of our club. We discussed and chose a topic for our short film, collaborating between the scriptwriting and directing teams to develop a compelling story. Once the story was finalized, the script-writing team took charge of crafting the script and creating captivating characters.

Attendance tracking and important announcements kept everyone involved and informed. We ensured that absent members were accounted for, and we warmly welcomed new team members. Our creative journey involved examining scripts, making progress, and refining our film ideas.

Being part of this club was a wonderful experience as it promoted innovation, collaboration, and diversity in the film industry. Whether your interests lay in acting, directing, screenwriting, or cinematography, there was something for everyone. It was a supportive community where we learned, grew, and expressed ourselves through the art of filmmaking.

We welcome you to our Film Club! As a community of passionate filmmakers and cinephiles, we were thrilled to see what we would create together. We embarked on this journey and made unforgettable films that reflected our shared love for the craft.

Welcome to the Art & Design Club! We’re excited to share an overview of our recent activities. During the academic year, the elected representatives facilitated discussions, maintained smooth operations, and enhanced club efficiency.

Our club aimed to explore diverse art skills. Through a member survey, we identified primary areas of interest:

Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolour)

Drawing (pencil, charcoal, pastels)

Sculpture (clay, wire, mixed media)

Printmaking (linocut, etching)


Our identified interests shaped future activities, workshops, and art piece development, nurturing artistic talents. Members formed groups, brainstormed ideas, and created unique artworks that showcased individual talents. Regular meetings and workshops fostered collaboration, learning, and a sense of community. We planned an exciting exhibition to celebrate accomplishments, share artwork, and promote diverse talents. The Art & Design Club fostered creativity, explored various art skills, and promoted collaboration. Members actively participated, contributed skills, and supported each other’s creative journeys. Thanks to all members for their enthusiasm and commitment. We achieved great success as a vibrant community of artists.

Welcome to the Mental Maths Club! Develop mental calculation skills and prepare for exciting competitions. We meet twice a week, focusing on quick thinking, mental agility, and problem-solving.

Using interactive tools like Kahoot quizzes, we familiarize students with the competition syllabus, improving speed and accuracy.

We emphasize mastering multiplication tables for efficient mental calculations, saving time during competitions.

Through flashcards, we reinforce division concepts and enhance mental computation skills.

Join us to excel in mental maths competitions and sharpen your abilities!

The Recycling Club at Acorns International School is dedicated to promoting environmental protection and innovative recycling projects. Here’s an overview of our proposed projects, with a focus on glass, paper, plastics, and other materials.

Glass Recycling: We collaborate with local businesses and recycling centres to collect glass bottles. Through proper sorting and recycling methods, we create new glass bottles, jars, and decorative items, reducing the demand for raw materials and minimizing environmental impact.

Paper Recycling: We establish paper collection points throughout the school to encourage recycling. Collected paper is processed into recycled products like notebooks, stationery, and craft materials. Workshops educate participants on the importance of paper recycling and waste management.

Plastic Recycling: In addition to traditional plastic recycling, we have two unique projects:

  1. a) Cultivating Crops using Used Plastics: We repurpose plastic containers and bottles as innovative planters, creating a greenhouse or garden for growing vegetables and herbs. This promotes recycling and reduces resource consumption.
  2. b) Plastic Village Construction: We collect and process plastic waste to build eco-friendly structures, including cottages, floating restaurants, and boats. The plastic village serves as an educational and sustainable tourism destination, showcasing the potential of recycled plastics.

Our projects demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection and recycling innovation. By focusing on glass, paper, plastics, and other materials, we aim to reduce waste, conserve resources, and raise awareness of sustainable living. The cultivation of crops using used plastics and the construction of a plastic village inspire others to adopt sustainable practices. Together, we create a greener and more environmentally conscious community.

On Thursday evenings, as you passed by the AIS football pitch, the Rugby club members exuded vibrant energy, vigour, and excitement. The club started by introducing members to the basic rules of the game and subsequently moved on to real-time practice sessions. Keeping safety in mind, separate teams were formed for male and female players. The training sessions were filled with remarkable intensity, as all teams displayed immense energy and pride, showcasing their rugby tricks and skills.

During the academic year 2022-23, our students eagerly joined the Duke of Edinburgh Football Club. They were led by dedicated coaches, including former Uganda national team player Godfrey Mugisha, assisted by Simon Ainomugisha, Francis Kamusiime, and former Zambian football professional player Lewis Chakaba. The club warmly welcomed students of all skill levels. The training sessions, held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, focused on developing fundamental football skills and featured small-sided games. The club promoted physical fitness and instilled important values such as collaboration, perseverance, communication, care, and sportsmanship. As a result, the participating students not only improved their football abilities but also forged friendships, built self-confidence, and developed a sense of discipline and teamwork. Their active involvement in the club demonstrated their commitment to extracurricular activities and served as a valuable addition to their personal portfolios.

The AIS Board Games Club has had a successful year, positively impacting the academic excellence, social skills, and personal development of its members. Chess, in particular, enhances critical thinking and analytical reasoning, leading to improved academic performance. The club fosters collaboration, teamwork, and respect, contributing to positive relationships and a harmonious social atmosphere. By promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence, the club ensures a well-rounded education. The club’s success is attributed to the dedication of students and leaders. Moving forward, it is recommended to sustain activities and diversify board game options for students’ varied learning experiences.

This term has been filled with exciting activities that have allowed us to explore our passion for fashion and enhance our design skills.

Meetings and Design Showcase: Our Tuesday club meetings have been a platform for sharing designs, exchanging ideas, and providing constructive feedback, showcasing the amazing talent and creativity of our members.

Creating Awareness: We advocated for sustainable fashion practices, raising awareness through presentations and discussions, encouraging conscious fashion choices and inviting others to join.

Product Showcase: We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming fashion creations showcase, where we’ll display our unique designs and share our creativity with the school community.

Drafts and Sketches: Our focus now shifts to refining designs through drafts and sketches, ensuring our final products embody our creativity and style, as we strive for excellence.

As the term concludes, we’re proud of our progress in nurturing our passion, acquiring skills, and contributing to a more sustainable future. We extend gratitude to our dedicated club committee for organizing these enriching activities, instrumental in our collective success.

In our club, students were empowered to explore diverse problem-solving approaches and equipped with effective cognitive tools to enhance their thinking abilities.

The students embarked on their learning journey by engaging in sudoku puzzles, employing logic and the process of elimination to decipher the puzzle. Each solved piece provided valuable clues for unravelling the next solvable segment. Additionally, they delved into the art of solving riddles, acquiring techniques to steer clear of “mind traps” designed to bewilder and manipulate thinking. These techniques encouraged lateral thinking, a key component in comprehending and unravelling riddles.

Throughout the club’s duration, it was immensely gratifying to witness the students applying the introduced tools and alternative thinking methods to conquer riddles and problems. It felt as though I were witnessing their intellectual growth firsthand. Equipped with these valuable skills, the members of the Logic and Puzzles club will be better prepared to confront the challenges that life presents them in the future.

We are delighted to share an exciting update on our Rotary Club’s ongoing initiative for inclusive education of children with disabilities. Our club is deeply committed to community service, firmly believing in providing equal opportunities for all children to access high-quality education, regardless of their abilities.

In recent months, our dedicated club members have worked tirelessly to develop a program tailored to the unique educational needs of children with disabilities. We understand the challenges they face and the importance of providing customized support to help them unlock their full potential.

Through a collaborative partnership with a community organization in Kaseses, we have created a comprehensive plan to deliver inclusive education to these children. Our approach emphasizes personalized learning and the provision of accessible resources, ensuring that each child receives the necessary support to thrive.

One of our key initiatives is fundraising for school fees for four children. This initiative not only cultivates empathy and understanding among students but also fosters social interaction and friendship.

Together, we are making a profound impact on the lives of these young learners, empowering them to overcome barriers and pursue their dreams.

As we move forward, we invite you to join us in expanding our efforts and reaching even more lives. Your support, whether through financial contributions, donations of scholastic materials, or raising awareness about our cause, is invaluable. Together, we can create a future where every child, regardless of their abilities, has the opportunity to thrive and fulfill their potential.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We eagerly anticipate the continued positive impact we can make, one child at a time.


Acorns International School recently celebrated three memorable Graduation ceremonies for DP/A Levels, PYP6, and Reception Students. As these talented individuals embark on the next phase of their lives, we wholeheartedly wish them continued success. We are immensely grateful to all those who supported and contributed to their remarkable achievements.

A special shout-out goes to the second cohort of our DP/A Levels! Each graduating student has received highly sought-after university offers from renowned institutions across the globe, such as the London School of Business, Aston University, the University of Manchester, and many more. These prestigious educational establishments will undoubtedly expand their intellectual horizons and guide them towards excellence.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all those who graced this significant occasion, adding brilliance and significance to the event. To our graduates, we offer our heartfelt congratulations and convey our sincerest wishes for a future filled with extraordinary accomplishments. May your pursuits be fueled by unwavering passion, resilience, and an indomitable spirit.

Early Childhood




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DP / A Levels

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As famously quoted by Confucius, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” At AIS, the Celebration of Learning serves as a significant occasion for students to demonstrate their ability to apply and understand the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the various units studied throughout the year.

During this year’s Celebration of Learning events, our students have impressively showcased the diverse range of knowledge, skills, and attitudes they have developed over the course of the year.

On Wednesday, June 21, 2023, the students in the Early Childhood department exhibited remarkable confidence as they effectively communicated what they have learned to their parents. It is evident that the implementation of play-based learning approaches has played a pivotal role in fostering the knowledge and skills demonstrated by our little ones.

On Thursday, June 22, 2023, the students in the Primary department demonstrated authentic inquiry and agency in their learning journeys as they presented their projects. Throughout their stage performances, clear evidence emerged that these children have acquired essential values that will contribute to making the world a better place for themselves and those around them.

On Friday, June 23, 2023, the students in the Secondary department showcased their agency and application of Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills in both their performances and exhibitions. Their impressive displays highlighted their ability to take ownership of their learning and effectively utilize these vital skills.

The Celebration of Learning serves as a testament to the growth, development, and achievements of our students, reflecting their dedication and commitment throughout the year. We congratulate all students for their outstanding efforts and thank the entire AIS community for their unwavering support in nurturing our students’ educational journey.

Early Childhood

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